I wanna kill the Lovegood

Creator: Guille Lovegood

Average Rating
4.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
86.4 / 100
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Needle (4) Avoidance (5) Medley (5) Long (1) Grind (1)


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15 Reviews:

A medley that has 6 stages in it that gets worse and worse each stage. It starts off as the usual common jump needle but from stage 4 to the end its the most ridiculous aids needle medley game ive ever seen.

Also voldemort :^)

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 90 90
Sep 30, 2016
I had a lot of fun when playing avoidances in this game,I like Lord Voldemort avoidance especially
But the hard ,terrible needle and boss design really ruin everything.
I hate the LOVEGOOD area most, Absolutely luck-based only bullshit.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 15, 2021
I gave this game a fair effort, basically all this game has to offer are needle screens, some of which have 'xD' traps in it and it is undoubtedly one of the most atrocious combination of genres. Most of the screen picks are OK but the buffs implemented into some of those screens are really bad, the buffs are annoyingly repeated to the point where I just stopped caring because it was boring. The bosses are mediocre, most of the attacks are just boring and last for more than expected. Musical choices aren't the best either, not that it is bad or anything, it just doesn't fit to the game at all.

To those who want to bother with the game, godspeed.

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 89 89
Sep 20, 2016
is really sad to see how underrated this game is.

Most of the game is really fun, the needle is generic but it is actually really fun to play if you are good at that kind of jumps, the avoidances are mostly random 360, but they arent actually bad.

Like lord voldemort, it is the best avoidance i played in a fangame, and it it really fun, and also luna area is fun and easy, and crash avoidance in boss rush was really fun to play.
And stuff like lovegood stage, pipe stage, king stage, stage 4, stage 3, stage 2 and stage 1 were really fun needle (even if it is generic)

I just found bad 1 thing in the entire game, and it was do da oliphant avoidance in boss rush, which is the worst thing i ever played in my life, and it was worse than eathing horse shit.
Do da oliphant was just a fucking 4min curving simulator. that boss was the worst 30 hours of my life.

Boss 3 was also kinda bad but man, not even close to do da oliphant.
(also mauri area was bad as fuck but still not even close to do da oliphant)

Btw the music in the game is really good, it feels weird to play and avoidance with dubstep or needle with dubstep but it isnt bad, i liked most of the songs except for stage 4 and do da oliphant.

I also want to say that this game was really important for me. I started to play it 2 years ago when i was really bad at fangames, and it helped me a lot to get better at needle and random avoidances. So its kinda sad to see how hated is this game.

I recommend this game to get better at needle and random avoidances, it is mostly fun and it is such a good challenge.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 9, 2022
Needle difficulty reaches about 83/84 from what I remember and Boss difficulty 76-80. I think it's a bit overrated in difficulty and definitely not as hard as people think, whole game took me about 26 hours back then.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 83 83
Mar 15, 2021