I wanna kill the Mauri

Creator: Guille Lovegood

Average Rating
6.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
72.4 / 100
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Needle (7) Avoidance (7) Trap (4) Gimmick (3) Medley (3) Miku (1) Stages (1)


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14 Reviews:

Rating includes extra.
Fairly hard, but fun fangame. It has 6 stages, with one avoidance at the end of each.
The first stage is very fun. It's centered around triggers, but most of these triggers won't just give you flying spikes everywhere. Often, they'll change the shape of the platforming. While it's easy to predict 'where' is the trigger, it's hard to predict 'what' will that trigger do. A fair and fun beginning with very few difficult jumps. Old yellow grass visuals, but they're good-looking here.
The second stage is centered around RNG elements. I have mixed feelings about it. Some screens were enjoyable, such as the one with the rain of cherries. Some, however, are just completely unfair and too luck-based, or just simply boring (The ones with cherries coming from the center were the worst). The visuals are nice, but they don't make up for some of the platforming.
The third stage is the Bad Apple stage, obviously, a needle game without a Bad Apple stage isn't a needle game at all. Jokes aside, it's a stage centered around the gimmick of +spikes. It's the same screen for the whole stage, but each time you go through the portal, more spikes will appear. It's very easy at the beginning, and it's also the perfect excuse to make the difficulty curve ramp drastically, with the last screen being far harder than everything else in the previous stages. If you're still not consistent with your double diamonds, now it's a good time to learn about them.
The fourth stage is a space-ish area with infinite jumping. It was very fun at some points, giving a claustrophobic vibe, but some saves were too unfair to be enjoyed, and it's one of those infinite jumping stages without resting spots until you reach the next time, which means that your fingers will suffer a lot. The visuals are my favorite in this game.
The fifth stage is straight needle. I liked the tilesets, but the background didn't fit well with them. There's a shortcut at a certain point that allows you to skip two saves, and it's far easier than these saves, so I will consider this a design flaw. But since it's the only design flaw in the game, it's easy to overlook it. The rest of the stage was fun.
The sixth stage, as the medley stage, has twice as many screens as the other ones, but far less saves. There are quite a few buffs here and there, and I liked all the choices.
The extra stage keeps the difficulty curve going, not being unreasonably harder than the previous ones, but having quite a few harder jumps. I didn't really enjoy it too much, mainly thanks to the last save. The visuals could have been better, too.
The avoidances are a proper RNG challenge. It's all about dodging stuff, you'll hardly need to worry about predicting attacks. Hardly. The third one was particularly catchy to me, as it was a Miku avoidance with a much better-looking sprite than the usual ones. The only ones that gave me a hard time were the two last ones, because they have high changes of RNG-walling you if you're not careful. They also require more predicting.
The musics aren't bad, but they're not fitting for the stage for the most time. Also, there are way too many generic jumps. Even so, I really enjoyed this game for the most part (I regret doing the extra, though). Would recommend.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Medley Miku
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 76 76
Apr 23, 2015
Pretty good example of how to turn an okayish fangame with decent, albeit extremely generic, design into an incredibly unfun experience by sprinkling in random traps that don't do anything except be annoying and take up more of the player's time.

The avoidances are all filled with boring, unimaginative RNG attacks and are extremely forgetful and don't add to the experience in any way.

Overall, wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 65 65
May 26, 2017
6 Stages with a different concept im each Stage, I love this game why the Stages are enjoyable and the Avoidances are very good... game dedicated to me, I really appreciate very much

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Trap Gimmick Medley Stages
[2] Likes
Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 21, 2016
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 70 70
May 15, 2015
I actually think this game is kind of fun and also one of Guille's best. The platforming is generic and it has random flying spike traps but I think it is mostly ok. The avoidances are mostly not that hard and actually kind of simple and fun. I also think the final avoidance is really fun and one of Guille's best as well.

If you are ok with this type of platforming, then the game is a blast.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 70 70
May 28, 2022