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Creator: Nikaple

Average Rating
4.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
39.5 / 100
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Trap (3) Boss (2) Troll (1)


  • by NightShark115
  • by BigChicken

6 Reviews:

I quit like this game. Wouldn't say it's one of the best I've ever played, but it's oddly fun. There are 4 paths you can play and all of them are quite enjoyable in my opinion. Mechanics are good. There are many traps but they're not that annoying. Some screens are very confusing but it's possible to figure them out. All in all, it's a very fun game.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 5.7 57       Difficulty: 43 43
Feb 26, 2020
i passed the chump check (in 17 min 25 s)

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Tagged as: Trap Boss Troll
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 30 30
Feb 6, 2023
This fangame has 4 paths that you can take. There are a quite a bit of trolls, but there were not so many to where it got annoying. Each path has a boss. One of these bosses is an avoidance that give you a health bar (This avoidance would be very hard to complete otherwise). Each stage is also centered around a certain theme. I would recommend this to beginning players.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 14, 2016
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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 6, 2020
Tagged as: Trap Boss
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Rating: 4.1 41       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 4, 2017