Not Another Needle Game

Creator: Thenewgeezer

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
69.3 / 100
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Adventure (17) Needle (52) Avoidance (3) Trap (3) Gimmick (44) Secrets (4) 100_Floor (1) Special (3) Long (22) Funny (3) Story (12) Troll (1) x_Floor (17) NoBoss (6) RNG (1) Secret (9) Original (6) Triple_Jump (2) Extra (1) Advanture (1) god!! (1) Different_Ending (2) NANG (1) Secret Long (1)


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  • by Washijyazo
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216 Reviews:

It requires extraordinary talent to make a 200 floor game, and make each of the floors feel fun, original and challenging at the same time. Absolutely brilliant. I'm replaying it right now to get all the secrets, and it feels just as fun as my first playthrough.

Difficulty levels:
Bad ending: 65
Confused ending:68
True ending:80

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 1, 2015
A very long and varied fangame which everyone should play at some point.
Visuals and music/sound are fantastic.
The difficulty ramps up pretty fast and the first secrets are much harder than the actual stages itself which seems a bit out of place.
If you don't know this game then you're doing something wrong. Would definitely reccomend!

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 12, 2015
This is a parody of generic needle games. thenewgeezer did a good job of designing this game to be hard, but fair at the same time. Just a warning, this game is longer then it seems at first, (it took me about 7 months to beat this game) so make sure you are ready for a long game if you are going to play this.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 71 71
Oct 10, 2015
Not much to say, I'm not a fan of some of the level design but the game as a whole is excellent. The best part was the telejumping gimmick, it's very rare to see a gimmick that's both good on its own and suitable for needle, those were definitely my favourite floors.

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Tagged as: Needle Long Secret
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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 5, 2015

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 76 76
Aug 11, 2015