I wanna kill the siam

Creators: vanilla, kkjl, siam

Average Rating
4.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
62.5 / 100
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Needle (2) Avoidance (1) Medley (4)


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8 Reviews:

The game starts with Justice screen with weird physics, there's no real difficulty curve in this game
The "M stage" was way too easy for its name :/
I first tried 5/7 Ives saves.
The camera in the eat chocolate cake screen is awful! the screen transition to locus, too.

Still an alright needle medley. luckily the boss is free

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 55 55
Aug 13, 2019
Medley of needle screens. The quality of the screen choices ranges from nice ones like Sweet Honey and TsuTaMao to some some really bad ones, like GN and Ives (Eww). The musics are nice, but it doesn't really matter, since the death sound is really bad (Kamilia 3's lovely death sound) and will probably force you to mute the game within a couple minutes of gameplay. The difficulty curve is all over the place, which for a medley game is really bad. Also, you can't really tell touch saves apart from S saves and shoot saves. And I find it hilarious how the game allows you to skip 75% of LV111's screen for no reason at all.
There's a "M stage" thing at the end. Just like the rest of the game, it ranges from nice saves to some really bad ones, with some being really easy and some being fairly difficult. The last boss is copy-pasted from Locus' extra boss, except that none of the projectiles actually kills you.
It's not terrible, but it's still pretty bad. There are some nice screen choices, but overall I probably wouldn't recommend it.

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 4.6 46       Difficulty: 62 62
Mar 12, 2017
It's an IWBT Maker clone. A shit one.
This entertained me for a little bit, but it's just not good.
Also, the death explosion is just disgusting. Not as bad as the one in B62, though.

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Rating: 4.4 44       Difficulty: 58 58
Jan 17, 2016
What Ataosama said basically. Also, the final boss is a complete ripoff of the Locus final boss, so much for wanting an original boss after all those shitty needle screens.

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 12, 2015
Fun needle medley game. I like the platforming, but what lowers the rating is the occasionally annoying title card being in the way and the difficulty curve is out of whack. I had the music muted the whole time so I never heard it, thus I have no opinion on it. Decent production value too.

No jump canceling or one framing is necessary in order to beat this game (I know because I beat it without using either). So don't be scared if you can't or don't want to jump cancel, or can't one frame. it won't matter.

Definitely give this a go if you're a moderate or experienced player looking for good, long needle.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 22, 2015