I Wanna be the TsuTaMao

Creators: つたしん, たま, はりまぉ

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7.6 / 10
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70.0 / 100
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Edit 4/11/2020: this game is shit

Edited on 6/16/2018 -- my time has finally come.

I came to a realization that I had hoped I would never realize. I no longer find this game as enjoyable as I once did.

As most of the people that are at the very least acquainted with me would know, I have consistently gushed over this game for the past 3 years, ever since I first cleared it in 2015. There are several factors that made me love this game so much then.

Tsuta's stage just really resonated with me. I loved how freeform the overall design is, how almost carelessly precise the design's aesthetic was. The atmosphere brought about by the visuals and the music very much also added to the experience to me. The stage is very much some of the most unique needle created because it is so difficult to replicate in style I feel, especially for being in a game released in 2012.

I felt about Tama's stage about how I felt about Tsuta's, but just to a lesser extent. I always kinda gave it the shorter end of the stick, kind of the middle brother of the three. The design of the stage is almost just as freeform as Tsuta's, only with a grid snap and a drastically different atmosphere. In a way I feel its atmosphere is what made me like the stage a little less than Tsuta's; the music choice is rather suspect in my opinion, even though the song itself is amazing. The difficulty curve I feel is also a little less consistent, though I was never one to gripe about that.

I used to like Mao's stage at most. It definitely had the best visuals overall, but its design was much aidsier than the rest of the game, and it suffers from a few segments that are so much more difficult than anything else in the game. I feel that in the end it was this stage that did me in.

I think I just played the game too much, focused too much on trying to go fast; I had always wanted this to be my main speedgame, but after the one run I did I just lost all momentum, all actual consistency in the game. And consistency is the most important for doing well in Mao's stage, nevermind the other two stages since they're much more tame. The more I played this game recently, the closer I got to the feeling that maybe I don't like this game as much as I used to. And this past week it hit me in full force.

Currently, I can't say I like a single thing about Mao's stage design-wise. Compared to how free-flowing and unique the needle in Tsuta and Tama are, it just feels uninspired. There are a handful of jumps I still really like but they're sparse, and then there are a few saves that are very questionable. I can't really say a save that uses nothing but corners as being enjoyable anymore; I can't agree that a required 1-frame is something to just overlook since the rest of the game is so good. It's just bad design, and this stage above all has not aged well. And since its difficulty is so much greater than the other two stages, it just doesn't feel good to grind through.

I still really like Tsuta and Tama, though a couple saves in Tsuta really grind my gears now. I'm incredibly sad I have this opinion now; this game has meant a lot to me over the years and has heavily influenced my overall taste in fangames in general. I've always reserved a small place in my heart for it; thanks to these recent experiences, it legitimately feel like that part was torn from me. I'll always respect the game, but I've finally outgrown it, and I just need to lay it to rest.

I'd very much still recommend this game to everyone, at least to have a taste of what needle used to be at some point.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 10, 2015
I feel like this game is overrated due to the age. Most of the difficult saves felt like they just amounted to grinding weird precise jumps and there are a lot of minor annoyances (like the save placement and the saves themselves) throughout the game. I didn't hate it but it's not something I would play again.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 66 66
Oct 16, 2017
Cool needle game split into 3 stages (Tsuta, Tama and Mao). No jump cancel/1 frame is required, but using them might be helpful at some saves. The align placement is quite helpful, but the same can't be said about the save placement (Some saves are floating behind walls, without any platform below, which is kinda annoying because if you mess up just a little bit, you fall where you shouldn't without saving, and there you go again, and better luck for the next time. The saves are also a bit glitchy, and sometimes just won't work - You have to shoot them again, and again, and yet once again -, which isn't very helpful at all).
The game is visually cool. Tsuta's stage is by far the best, I would call it perfect if it weren't for the save placement. Cool and calming visuals mixed with a nice music, and a very original level design full of unusual jumps. Tama's stage and Mao's stage are...Good as well, but both have way more generic stuff, and I didn't enjoy them as much as I enjoyed Tsuta's stage. Tama is a bit less generic than Mao, but Mao has better visuals and a more interesting level design imo. Mao took me the most effort, although Tsuta's stage had one save that gave me plenty of trouble as well.
I really liked this game, mainly thanks to Tsuta's stage. Would recommend.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 74 74
May 29, 2015
Really unique needle collab. 65 difficulty for a required 1-frame.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 17, 2018
Truly good.

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 12, 2016