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Avoidance (4)


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Well, this boss is fantastic... but it's really really hard and really really luck based at the end.
FIRST PHASE : You begin with some attacks with hard RNG's (hard, but really fair). After that, the second pattern isnt horrible, but sometimes you just cant do it cause of the cherries who come sometimes where you must go.
You will avoid some attacks with rng's again, not that hard but sometimes that can be really frustrating. You go to the Heart Attack, which is for me really really good and such a good idea. And finally, you go to the First PIPIPI attack. Only pattern which isnt that hard to learn. The attack after this one is kind of luck based (because it still fair). The letters attack is bullshit for me, not that hard but i just cant do it. (I just dont know why)
SECOND PHASE : Some good ideas, i find that one easiest than the first phase. Nothing special tought. The second PIPIPI attack still not that hard, but i find it more difficult. It's more a pattern phase, the only attacks who can kill you with bad RNGs are Red/Pink cherry, which is "rare", and the bouncing white cherries. It is really really insane because if a cherry does a bounce wrong you must die. It is not like there is a way out. I got locked 3 times in a row, and not because i am bad. But you will see...
THIRD PHASE (Or the "i wanna grind, i wanna test my luck or i wanna wait during 50 Hours some luck", like you want) is not particularly bad, but... The real problem of the entire boss is the Third PIPIPI attack... It is really cool to see, but...
Really bullshit, really really bad, no pattarn at all, only RNG and VERY VERY LUCK BASED (fuck you as much as possible, white falling apples). It's fucking unbelievable. It's garbage, trash, bullshit... In one word : ITS FREAKING BAD : And the thing is that when i just first beat this attack, i get rekt by the following which was litteraly impossible to dodge with my spot (RNG and REALLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY fast attack). I think the creator find it boss too easy, and that's why he had this phase. It's not shitty, but it is not well made like other attacks and it is sometimes (lot of times in fact) impossible, or so fast that you can not comprehend what is happening...) The real problem is that that comes at the very end...
LAST PHASE : A spinning star, kind of good if RNG's dont ruin all. When i saw Fragnaticc first try the star and Casualcrap done this, i found that easy. But when i first come at the star, i just get impossible RNG when cherries came to the left. Second try, again. Third, fourth... again. When you survive the part where cherries comes to left, you did the most difficult thing in my opinion. And when the star go back in center, you win. (I win after this, it becomes really really easy, hard, but compared to every other things, very easy.)
And be careful, i was really close to get choked at the very end...

It's not a bad game. It's a very good game, which is unfortunaly ruined by some trash luck based attacks AT THE END. I like it, but if you wanna beat this one, you will take a huge amount of time even if you are skilled enough, because you will need to wait good RNG at the end. Highly recommend bcause it is the avoidance i enjoy the most (I made 4 versions of the game, with Reol Version, Normal version, mixed version with normal+reol in stereo ^^ and this version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXGTksUZSWQ. Send me a message if you wanna play one of these version. They are all perfectly sync with musics and it is the same song. I dont modify the game, only the music.)

EDIT : If you beat this boss, you can continue to suffer by asking You, the creator (@tawamure_2525 on twitter) to get a new version of the boss, which i call Crazy Opinkosu. It's kind of the same boss but FASTER (when i say faster, i mean double speed), HARDER (some cherries replaced by curving cherries), better graphics (ok the only main change is that the background is black and the boss got a fire hand :^) ). And the 2 first PIPIPI attacks... really cool... and really really hard xD. But i let you some surpises. Can you beat this second boss ? Can you finally got the Maximal Erection ? (yeah, that is what Opinkosu means x))

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 98 98
Feb 20, 2016
One of the most fun avoidances I've played, the gameplay felt hectic and satisfying to pull off. The main drawback with the avoidance would be the terrible balancing and questionable RNG which I'm sure quite alot of people would find annoying. I'm not sure what to feel about the RNG because finding the right strats can reduce the amount of luck needed by a long shot and save you a bunch of time. I personally enjoyed this but I would only recommend it if you don't mind a grind that can take way longer than expected.

If you are a more skilled player and want a more balanced game, then I would skip this and go straight to crazy opinkosu, the ending is a bit harder but it also buffs the start and middle section quite a lot.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 85 85
Dec 9, 2021
Pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi!!!!

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 92 92
Feb 22, 2016
This avoidance is extremely overrated in quality.
The last attacks are NOT the only ones that require luck. In fact, almost every single RNG attack is completely luck-based bullshit. It's even more luck-based than VOX Diamond.
I can't recommend this to anyone.

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Rating: 0.9 9       Difficulty: 87 87
Dec 28, 2023
I really struggle to describe my feelings about this game. There were times I liked it, but also times I hated it. Opinkosu has some of the most unique avoidance attacks, and I love how you always have to avoid each attack in a different way depending on the RNG, the famous heart attack being a great example. Additionally, the music is a blast, and clearing the chorea really feels epic. What I didn't like, however, is that the boss relies way too much on RNG, and I could even say some attacks such as the white cherries attack are truly luck-based. It's the main reason I often switched between enjoying grinding the game a lot and getting horribly nervous when playing it. Opinkosu is a real hidden gem if you are patient and willing to go for a very long grind, but don't play it otherwise since it would just make you get nervous.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 92 92
Nov 18, 2023