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The first Dallas was so bad that I just had to play its sequel.
Good things first: It's not as bad as the first one (At least from my viewpoint). At least it doesn't have poorly programmed stuff, and you know where you should/shouldn't go, you don't have to jump through fake spikes or anything like that. The visuals aren't as bad as in the first one (The game sticks to the standard tilesets this time). Still has random placement for everything, restarting music, and now you have invisible spikes to make things even better. The boss at the end is a real boss this time, it's not like in the last one, and the game really goes overboard with it (It's quite RNG-heavy, and some people might find it to be really hard. Also, I highly recommend to mash against it, because its HP is huge). After the boss, however, there's absolutely nothing. No portal, no ending, nothing. There are some items that seem like secrets at some points of the game, but I don't really feel like getting them, and, knowing the game, they'll probably do nothing anyway.
It's not as bad as the first one. But it's still bad, really bad. Still wouldn't recommend.

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Jun 1, 2015