I wanna contact with spikes (hard mode)

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5.1 / 10
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Before playing the normal mode, I saw the readme file, and it said "Hardmode is the essence of game". So, after beating the normal mode, I decided to give the hard mode a try. And I regret it. Hell, I regret it so much.
It's basically the same as any normal hard mode. Lots of spikes were added, easy jumps now are hard as hell, easy saves are now hard as hell. And that's all. Given the nature of the game, I expected the hard mode to come up with new ideas for platforming, just like the normal mode did. New creative ways of using vines and platforms, jumps that no sane person would ever think of. The only save in the whole game that accomplished this was the penultimate screen's first save: It's exactly what I expected from the whole hard mode: Challenging, insane, but reasonable and creative, completely changing the nature of the save while only making very few changes.
Another huge complaint I have is that the death sound is far more annoying than in the normal mode thanks to one simple reason: We're talking about the hard mode here. My death count for the hard mode is 30 times bigger than the death count for the normal mode (Which isn't too low by itself). I'm not exaggerating. I had to turn off the music at the first save, because my ears couldn't stand that death sound for any longer. There's no point in using a cool music for the game if you can't hear it thanks to the death sound.
Now speaking of the game by itself, it's actually not bad. Interesting jumps for the most part, some saves are fun to grind...But some aren't. Most saves are just a compilation of lots of extremely tricky jumps, some of them being completely unreasonable. Last screen's second save is particularly stupid, the first jump is extremely weird and precise, and there's a chain of precise jumps after it, including a fall with a T-Bone near the end, which means that you actually have to get good at doing the weird jump in order to grind your way through. There's a limit between challenging and boring, and this game really crossed this line. The save placement is far from being fair, and the worst part is that I can't see why would the maker call this the "essence of the game", it doesn't feel anything like that. In other words, I feel like this was a complete waste of time on a game that I didn't enjoy at all and actually played for no purpose.
As I said, the jumps are mostly interesting, but the grinding ruined it. There's also the waste of time factor. The penultimate screen's first save isn't worth it. And overall, I can't see why would anyone play this instead of the normal mode, which is already a decent challenge on its own. Wouldn't recommend.

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Aug 16, 2015