I wanna touch the Makers

Creators: Leehe, Dengol, Influcca, GuGongGun, LunarMagic, Jebal-Ggaera, BanGom, Kr01, PDPlayer

Average Rating
5.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
82.2 / 100
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Avoidance (5) Collab (2) BossRush (1)


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9 Reviews:

Could be such a incredible game if leehe area did not exist.

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[6] Likes
Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 99 99
Feb 29, 2016
This review is "subjective"
Not Included Leehe Avoidance

Dengol : The quality was good and it was fun
It was a pity that if you died in the middle, you had to turn off the game.

Influcca : The quality was not bad, it was easy and good

GuGongGun : It was very crowded
Still, there are interesting patterns in the middle

LunarMagic : It was terrible, The gap is too narrow at first There is a section to avoid at the middle point, and the cherry blocks it. The last pattern is too good to die
Not recommended

Jebal-Ggaera : The Avoidance wasn't bad However, the error appears randomly in the mid- and late-shaking places. Once you die, you get an error at the beginning
If you die, you have to turn the game off and on
Not recommended

BanGom : Everything was boring except for the last pattern.

Kr01 : Only the middle part was interesting

PDplayer : It was terrible

The beginning and the end were so terrible

I think brought Touch The Ripper & DP1 Pattern

There is a reason this Avoidance is in 8th place.

Not recommended

Leehe : Not worth playing
Rather play Last Tis

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[3] Likes
Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 75 75
Feb 8, 2021
So i expected not a great game. Old avoidance collab, yeah, sounds sus for very beginning, but you know i have some hopes for this game at the start. Unfortunately, almost every of my hope was crushed in every possible way, which is definitely moment. This game BAD in like so many ways. I definitely need describe this more minutely, i will give my personal thought on every of 9 avoidance in this game. I will also give my rating for each avoidance, and you should take a note that i play entirety of this blindly

First avoidance (in order that game gives you) is Dengol. This avoidance is kinda visually impressive for its time, unfortunately this is like only good thing about it at all. In this avoidance you will quickly release how deep you fall. The luck-based attacks with awkward hitboxes - check. Simply not working attacks, that doesn't kill you - check (sometimes it's helpful tho, can't lie). Instagibs on every second - check. This three things will haunt you for entire playthrough of the game. Anyways, this avoidance was pretty bad, because it has every of this problem and it was just not fun, not a single attack i can remember, they all are bad and forgettable. Final attack is also like hard
Difficulty - 73,5; Enjoyment - 2,4

Second avoidance is Influka. Surprisingly, this is pretty pretty sweet avoidance. It's not hard at all, which is good sign in this game, it's pretty visually pleasing, it's not like insanely impressive, but it just flows good and doesn't trigger you, which is very good. Definitely highlight of the game and probably only avoidance i can recommend from this game
Difficulty - 47; Enjoyment - 8

Third avoidance is GuGongGun. Well, this was... something. Word meme is very fitting. It's very experimental and very wacky fight, where you will experience broken QTE segment, some really awkward camera gimmicks and pace overall will makes you question many things. It was not bad, it was very memorable, i can't call it good, but if you desperately need some strangeness in your life - go in
Difficulty - 35; Enjoyment - 5,5

Fourth avoidance is Lunarmagic. Pretty pretty interesting avoidance, it has some generic attacks, it also has some original attacks, that are not executed very well, but you can see maker tried to make something good. It also has absurdly luck moment in the middle of fight, which is big bruh, and it basically brings down my entire rating, which is real shame. I wanna like this avoidance, because i find visual ideas, song and flow very good, but i can't objectively. Very sad, but this is how it is
Difficulty - 63,5; Enjoyment - 3,4

Fifth avoidance is Jebal-Ggaera. This is where things became really eeeeh. This avoidance itself is pretty alright, tbh this is like second best thing here after Influka. I can describe this avoidance as fight where nothing good happens, but nothing bad happens as well. It just mediocre and that's it with some generic patterns and some nice barrage at the second part. Why eeeeh then, you will ask? Well, this avoidance literally sometimes gives you error screen. That's it. And once you get error screen, you doomed. Only solution is restart the game and start over entire fight. Yep (fortunately, i didn't suffer too much, but i've heard some bad stories)
Difficulty - 63; Enjoyment - 6,2

Sixth avoidance is Bangom. Oh yeah, welcome to hell. This thing starts pretty chill with some nice patterns, but at the end of the fight, it strikes you with... oh, man. With true abyss, to say at least. At first, you will encounter some absolutely fucked up crazy bounce attacks, with very fast projectiles that will destroy you pretty much most of the time. But even if you survived it, nightmare isn't over. No, no, it's only starts. Final attack of this fight is CURSED. And the word cursed is fitting without understatement. I can't even describe how dumb, luck-based and hard this attack. Friendly reminder, that you will need to get through insanely easy patterns every time, which will become basically endurance against sleep challenge. I can say only 2 things: this is worst avoidance i've ever cleared so far and you should avoid of playing this at any cost. Please
Difficulty - 81,5; Enjoyment - 0,8

Seventh avoidance is KR01. This was not that bad as Bangom, but it was still pretty bad in another way. Nothing cursed, but like this avoidance just absolutely boring and uncomfortable to play blindly. Instagibs will literally appears every second, every RNG attack sucks balls and even despite this avoidance lasts 1 minute 20 seconds it feels like it lasts a lot longer - so much shit happens, it's like literally insane how maker put this in such short amount of duration. Very, very, very bad
Difficulty - 67,5; Enjoyment - 1,9

Eigth avoidance is PDplayer. Ok, so this thing actually has some potential. It's basically somewhat of reimagination of two Leehe avoidances - DP1 and Ripper. Ripper part (second half of the fight) was alright, it's pretty skill-based with some requirement of good reading, because the bullets are pretty fast and some shenanigans will appear. The bad part is DP1. This thing is very luck-based, it's just fucking mix of RNG and aiming and it drives me mad really badly. If DP1 part was better, this will be very fine avoidance. But unfortunately (how many times i need to write this word, hah) no
Difficulty - 81,5; Enjoyment - 3,6

Funny thing that the order of avoidances is not random. The order represents of how in past this avoidances was judged by jury. Well, you can see how it matches with my scores, lol

You know what the best part tho. After clearing this eight riders from hell, it's not over. You can't say you clear this game, because this game has something else that stops you from clearing it. It has "final" ninth avoidance - infamous Reanimate by Leehe. I don't think i need to even describe this thing, i believe whoever who read this up to this point, knowing everything about this. The only words i can say - is good luck to Raff, lol. I will not ever clear this madness, and thus this game

If you count every of 8 scores and make average of them, you will find that number will be 3,9. But i spend so much time on shitty hard part of game, that my rating will be lower. And also obviously, existence of Leehe area gives additional minus as well

Don't play this game will be my final words. It's not worth it

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Rating: 3.2 32       Difficulty: 82 82
May 24, 2023
This was sorta competition between Korean makers. My favourite's Dengol without any doubt. I don't know why people like BBKKBKK because it has questionable design and attacks lol. Also BanGom has really terrible final attack. Also Gebal's avoidance gives errors every 5 seconds near the final. Yeah, I'd suggest trying only Dengol and Influcca's areas

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 72 72
Aug 3, 2022
Now i have cleared all the 8 avoidance,Maybe the first clearer.
Personally i like #8,then #1 and #2 are fun.The rest are either bullshit or boring games.Some bug really influence my game-playing.
I spend most of time on Fxxking #6,which i thought impossible 3 years ago.Whaterver,I am happy it's done.
this difficult does't include leehe area.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 75 75
Nov 27, 2020