I Wanna Break Through The Needle

Creators: Realtime911, DSL, DEV_IS_DEV

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Needle (1) Trap (1) Long (1)


  • by Kilgour22
  • by Kilgour22
  • by Kilgour22

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I've got to say, I was not prepared for this game.

There are around 100 screens of corridor needle filled with traps, generic jumps, and no save balance. The screens are divided into ten stages, with a few notable differences between them; one stage uses gravity flippers, for example. Clearing this game would be a monumental achievement that I would not wish upon my worst enemy, considering the difficulty peaks at somewhere around 90 during the extremely long saves full of downward planes, squished diagonals, sphincters, end-of-save traps, and other abominations.

You know that Rabi-Ribi game that was released a few months back? This game is like its predecessor, only shorter and without the Rabi-Ribi theme—not to mention harder.

Best of luck to any brave warriors who dare to take on this challenge; you will need it.

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Nov 6, 2022