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Creator: Fightaker

Average Rating
2.6 / 10
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75.8 / 100
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Needle (2) Medley (2) Boss (1) Impossible (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Happil (1)


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7 Reviews:

This is a Happil "medley" game which uses screen layouts from many different games and manages to ruin every single one of them by adding completely original platforming that remains the same throughout all content currently in the game. The difficulty is all over the place, as are the music choices. Every song is a bad MIDI outside of the bosses, complete with "Ode To Joy" making up the majority of stage 2. There are currently only 2 stages in the game, and stage 2 has an impossible jump on the second-to-last screen (in case you had any desire to try and beat this); it would be possible if it provided any align other than the bad one.

The only redeeming part of this game is boss 1 which I found fun(?) minus some highly questionable design choices. It is a Destination fight that works very differently from the original in kind of interesting ways. However, there are obnoxious particle effects in the foreground that make visibility next-to-impossible coupled with some bad RNG that is even harder to react to when you can't see anything. White phase is stupid because it has a ton of HP, and you need to mash when the spike is underneath the boss. There are also 6 cherries bouncing around the screen to make things extra cool and neat. It then ends with a Piano avoidance phase with a horrible black MIDI of Redzone in which the screen wobbles violently. If you beat it, you are "rewarded" with the option to continue onto more terrible platforming in stage 2 or play a buffed version of the boss with no incentive for actually finishing it.

Highly recommend.

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Rating: 1.3 13       Difficulty: 100 100
Aug 27, 2019
It's a medley, at least I think it is because of the title cards, but every room looks almost exactly the same. Boring brown block rooms make up most of the screens. It actually comes off as a medley of bad games, but not in the same joking way Sodoku does.

Aside from the completely boring screen choices, the difficulty is all over the place. You have these super long segments on some screens that artificially jack up the difficulty, then right after it you'll have a room with a few saves. It's almost as if on some rooms he forgot to add them?

The music is low quality sampling and just starts to get old really fast.

I got to see a boss, the one in the readme that is referred to as the non-crappy one? Out of nowhere it's the Destination boss. You didn't see destination anywhere in the platforming, but all of a sudden there it is. Is it because of Kamilia? Then there's 2 apples in the room barraging, but the one on the right has a broken hitbox, so you need to hit it on what I think is pixel perfect center to even damage it?

Testplay: No?

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 4, 2016
Гемплей в игре очень скучный, либо наоборот - слишком ужасен. Нидл в игре часто однообразный, в частности совсем никак не отсылается к тем играм, которые были взяты в данную "мидли". Всё время одни ромбы, 16 пикселей и лэджи.
В игре также есть и 2 босса, но они неиграбельны от слова совсем, невозможно даже нормально начать их атаковать из-за перегруженности атак со всех сторон.
Визуальная часть игры абсолютно ничего особенного не представляет. Только в экранах "Zeus", "Dife" и в 1-м "Charr" понравились особенности оформления, в остальных мало что интересного и красивого.
Вот музыка в игре хоть и МИДИ, но в принципе неплохая, но у некоторых слишком большой цикл воспроизведения, что может надолго оставлять вас в тишине.
Ну и конечно экран в игре всегда слетает с полноэкранного режима, если нажать на перезагрузку (R), что по сути можно считать, что поиграть ты нормально сможешь только в окне, что неудобно для полного погружения в игру.
Без обид, но лучше поиграть во что-нибудь более интересное и качественное, чем в эту игру. Очевидно, что игра еще не полностью готова, или её просто забросили.

The gameplay in the game is very boring, or vice versa - too terrible. The needle in the game is often monotonous, in particular, it does not refer at all to those games that were taken in this "midley". All the time there are only diamonds, 16 pixels and ledges.
The game also has 2 bosses, but they are unplayable from the word at all, it is impossible even to start attacking them normally due to the overload of attacks from all sides.
The visual part of the game is absolutely nothing special. Only in the screens "Zeus", "Dife" and in the 1st "Charr" I liked the design features, in the rest there is little interesting and beautiful.
Here is the music in the game, although MIDI, but in principle not bad, but some have too long a playback cycle, which can leave you in silence for a long time.
And of course, the screen in the game always flies off full-screen mode if you press the restart (R), which in fact can be considered that you can play normally only in the window, which is inconvenient for full immersion in the game.
No offense, but it's better to play something more interesting and high-quality than this game. Obviously, the game is not fully ready yet, or it has simply been abandoned.

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 12, 2022
There is no pause and no normal screen expansion in this game. Very often, "diamond-shaped" jumps in needle screens are used. Both bosses are ferocious and terrible, too unplayable, and often just throw impossible attacks at you. WoW! о_О

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 80 80
Mar 5, 2018
Its not that bad.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 2, 2016