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Creators: あお, 瑪瑙, 初見

Average Rating
7.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
82.0 / 100
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Avoidance (2) Barrage (1)


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2 Reviews:

Collab avoidance game featuring 3 makers. Blue (あお) is the most well known of the three, but if you've played Seven Colors before you will recognize the other two makers 瑪瑙 (Menou, green stage) and 初見 (Syoken, yellow stage). The game has a lot of variety, and it reminded me alot of ・q・p・. For 2014 it is very ahead of it's time. Most of it was enjoyable for me, but it sadly has a few bad avoidances too.

Progression in this game works like this: You get access to No. 1 to No. 3 from the start. If you beat No. 1 you get access to No 4. Beating No. 2 unlocks No.5 and beating No. 3 unlocks No. 6. After beating No. 1 to No. 6 you get access to the final avoidance. Beat this and the game is over.

Below I will go over every avoidance in detail and what I think of it:

No. 1 - ドナドナ by 初見
A decent avoidance which primarily focuses on RNG rather than pattern. The song might be mediocre for some but personally I found it pretty catchy. It reminds me of poroniumu's avoidance style, which you rarely see anymore these days. I don't have anything negative to say about the first half. Sometimes the RNG can be a bit dumb to dodge but nothing downright unfair. The part where the Windows XP background shows up is the most luck based part in the avoidance in my opinion. The birds at the start can be hard to dodge and sometimes the blocks that rise up from the floor after it might be too far apart to jump to, but both of them only happen on rare occasions. When the background fades out the avoidance throws everything at you, but if you pay attention to where you spawn the rabbits you can deal with the RNG alot easier.

A good way to start off the game. The aesthetics & song pick are very strange but I dig it.

No. 2 - ごりらがいるんだ by あお
Gorilla avoidance. It has a bunch of creative ideas but sadly this avoidance is a bit too random to my liking. The RNG attacks are either too fast or too dense to dodge consistently, so you'll have to deal with doing the same boring patterns at the start over and over again. The maker obviously got lazy at the end and just used multiple random(360) attacks to make the avoidance more difficult. Thankfully I didn't die there but it just isn't very exciting.

No. 3 - Battle 3 by 瑪瑙
This avoidance is simply a mess. While the core idea is genius. Combining various elements as attacks for an avoidance is a sick idea, but the execution is god awful. First off, you spawn at the bottom left of in the middle. Why is this a problem? Because the avoidance begins with water drops that hit the floor and spawn a bunch of projectiles, and you have to be in the middle to dodge the second attack properly. It won't take longer than a minute to get past the first attack, but dying everytime to the start before reaching the middle platform was very frustrating. The fire & ice combo can sometimes just straight up wall you out of nowhere, and the wind attack can just spawn in the middle and kill you while you are dodging the gusts of wind that come from the left & right corners. Halfway through there's an attack that spawns gray balls that can strike you at complete random moments, but from my experience I only died there 10% of the time so it is more forgiving than you might think. It ends off with the hardest attack in the entire game: A super difficult pattern that you have to figure out entirely by yourself. It spawns gray balls in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and halfway through it it will spawn an additional ball from the opposite direction. For whatever reason, the maker is incredibly dumb and decided to spawn random RNG balls while you are doing the pattern. This means you can get walled without it being your fault at any point during the pattern. I highly recommend zero's strat for it, as it made it somewhat doable for me. It is very scary and immitating to learn, but if you understand when you failed the pattern you'll learn it quicker and quicker. Clearing the pattern was one of the most satisfying feelings I've ever had in a fangame. Like I said before, this avoidance is a total mess. It starts off with super awkward RNG moments and it ends with a super difficult pattern that's somehow even made worse by adding more RNG to it. For me this was the hardest avoidance in the game by far, and I totally understand if this avoidance makes you quit the game entirely.

Still, despite the rest learning the pattern at the end was a bit of fun so I rate it a little bit higher.

No. 4 - スシ食いねェ! by 初見
Once again this maker delivers another weird but very good avoidance with a catchy song. This time patterns are the main focus, and learning them was very fun. There were a few moments where the timing of certain patterns was a bit strict, but nothing that will make you learn the timing over and over until you finally do it. The only bad thing I have to say about this avoidance is that there are 2 instagibs near the end when the background turns into the mountain & lake background. If you know they are there you can easily dodge them.

Definitely the avoidance with the most production value, and it shows.

No. 5 - Panic Holic by あお
The only true barrage in this game. Compared to Blue's other games that came out before this, this one is a bit of a letdown. Like the gorilla avoidance most of the attacks are pretty lazy and basic, and the patterns are too precise. The burst right before the RNG fountain attack can sometimes just give you impossible RNG with little to no time to react to it. The end of the red & blue spiral attack is completely out of sync and is very awkward to dodge. It ends off with an epic curving fiesta which is easily the hardest but also the most fun attack to dodge in the avoidance. Halfway through it adds some bullets which rapidly spin around which makes the attack even harder.

Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good for me, but I found it a little bit more enjoyable than the gorilla avoidance.

No. 6 - えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ by 瑪瑙
Easily the highlight of this game in my opinion. The song pick is very good and most if not all attacks are completely fair to dodge. The attacks that seem scary at first turn out to be patterns rather than RNG, so you if you learn it the first time you now can do it consistently. It just sucks that this avoidance is locked behind playing the awful Battle 3 avoidance first because it's one of the most fun times I've spent on an avoidance. It felt very rewarding getting a PB in this avoidance compared to any other avoidance in the game. The final attack is super weird to dodge but like I've said before, it's a pattern. It got me the first time, but I quickly got there after ~10 minutes and beat it on my second final attempt.

Huge banger.

No. 7 - 秘蜜〜黒の誓い〜 by 瑪瑙
The big avoidance that awaits you after beating every avoidance before it, and is the last step to victory. It's alright. The visuals are once again very simple but I feel like this was more of an aesthetic choice than anything else. Like No. 6 most of the attacks are pattern, so you'll learn them quickly. I'm a big fan of the attack in the first chorus, where it spawns big fruits from the kid that explode soon after as well as fruits that spawn from the ceiling which also explode. I haven't seen an avoidance replicating this attack so big props to the maker for coming up with a something simple yet genius attack idea. The last 30 seconds before final has nothing to dodge other than some English sentences that show up multiple times. I think that definitely supports the idea of the simplistic visuals working alongside the song itself. As for the final attack itself? It's not very good. While the red fruits are fine to dodge, the black fruits that spawn from the top can just spawn at any point in the screen. This is especially a problem later on, where it spawns cyan fruits that are very hard to see because they blend in with the white background. The last few seconds are very tense and you have to rely on luck rather than skill to dodge it. Thankfully the very last attack is easy to dodge.

The final part sucks, but everything before it was decent.

Overall a very underrated game that contains some massive bangers but also some garbage RNG-fests which were super unfun to grind. Still, I would recommend the game for those who want a challenge. I hope to see more clears in the future.

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