I Wanna be the Sinewave

Creators: yuki, Karuno, Light, A16, Dw20000, Shaonian, MagicGun, Period

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Needle (2)


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2 Reviews:

An excruciatingly difficult needle collaboration from the Chinese community; this is the hardest game I have cleared to date. The difficulty has a very high deviation, as well as with the fun factor for each stage. The production overall is kinda cool, though there are some small bugs that are slightly annoying, such as the fact that you can hear the jump sfx play if you try to jump a frame after you die and the fact that for some reason the window caption is messed up. Every stage also has at least 1 segment that's far dumber than the rest.

Going in order of when I played.

Light's stage: 6.5/10, 70/100
A single screen of some cool needle with funky visual effects and probably the best song choice in the game. The visuals did get annoying after some time, especially since the spikes have a black outline. There are a couple of annoying segments in this, and the last save is the one really dumb segment in the stage; the drop was far more precise than it really needed to be, and since it's not at the beginning of the save it's pretty grindy. Overall, though, it's one of the better stages.

Shaonian's stage: 6.0/10, 60/100
3 screens of okay needle; this is probably the second easiest stage in the game. Most of it isn't very hard to go through, but there was 1 segment in the middle of the second screen that was pretty gross, which involved a required low-frame (still not entirely sure if it's a required 1-frame or not), 2 awkward stutter corners, and a semi-precise upwards plane. The visuals also could be much better; the tiles and spikes are far too light for the background, and a lot of times I almost died to spikes I couldn't see.

Karuno's stage: 0/10, 96/100
3 screens of seemingly interesting needle with black and white visuals; in actuality, it's probably the hardest stage in the entire game. I absolutely hated this stage. Almost every jump is incredibly awkward to pull off, and each segment is really long; as a result, pretty much every save in this is a very long and very unenjoyable grind. You wouldn't think something like this would have a single save that's worse than the rest of the stage; but then there's the 4th save. It starts with a single pointlessly free jump, and then an F-jump that requires a 14-frame and a frame-perfect rejump, and then 2 more overly-precise jumps and a choke corner; this was by far the hardest save in the game and one of the most unfun saves I have ever beaten. The stage as a whole was way too grindy and was way too long, and the music was about to drive me to insanity with how much I had to listen to it.

yuki's stage: 4.5/10, 75/100
When I began playing this stage, I was having a lot of fun; the needle was pretty well-done minus one semi-dumb drop towards the beginning. Then I got to the last 2 saves and started to not enjoy the stage very much. The penultimate save is what I initially thought to be the dumbest segment in the stage; it's a really precise drop. Then I got to the final save and realized I was wrong; the first is an apple jump that I just couldn't figure out how to do in-game. After about 10 minutes of trying stuff in jtool, I found that it was align-dependent; the only good align provided in the save required a 1-frame bunnyhop into it. Unfortunately, I still couldn't do it in-game and thus found out that I had kind of softlocked, since the only possible align was in the previous save, and I had taken a different align before saving. I had to decompile the game and add a block to get me the good align, and I was then able to do the jump in-game with a 1-frame bunnyhop. It's incredibly stupid and I have no clue how it managed to stay in the game like this, what with the large amount of testers listed in the ReadMe.

MagicGun's stage: 7.0/10, 55/100
A single screen of needle; this stage is probably the easiest stage in the game, and is also probably the most enjoyable. Some basic engine gimmicks, such as vines, are used in this and are used pretty well. This stage also didn't really have a segment that was that dumb compared to the rest, but I can see the final save being dumb for some people. The visuals could be better though; background was a bit too noisy and a bit too dark for some areas, and it affected the visibility of those areas.

Period's stage: 7.0/10, 96/100
A single screen of really difficult needle that involves complex jumps using both water1 and water2. This stage was one of my favorites, and was also probably the hardest stage in the game (at least, it's on-par in difficulty with Karuno's stage). The difficulty curve in this is pretty wild; the 1st, 3rd, 7th-10th, and 12th-13th saves were relatively easy, but the rest were pretty brutal. The 4th save was one of the worst saves in this stage, since it was just way too precise to be fun for me; it involves a frame perfect platform jump into a drop sphincter. The 11th save was also really dumb since it was one of the only segments where the use of water1 was a detriment; for the most part, you didn't actually have to jump in water1, but for some reason Period chose to put that inside a half diamond towards the end of an already difficult segment. The final save was also incredibly dumb, since it requires you to do 2 downwards water planes and a water diagonal without jumping so you can jump to the next section, which is also pretty precise. These segments, however, were nothing compared to the 5th save, which could very well be the most difficult save I have ever beaten, as it's on-par with the second save of Blue's 3rd L-game. As a whole, it was a pretty enjoyable experience.

a16's stage: 3.0/10, 80/100
A single screen of needle that uses some platform jumps here and there. This stage was my second least favorite stage, mostly because the music choice is absolutely terrible. Most of the needle itself is pretty interesting, although really unbalanced; however, the last save is absolute cancer since it requires a full jump into 2 smaller jumps. The visuals are a mess, too; the background makes it very hard to see anything in the middle and the top, which is really bad since the last save was the most affected by this as well.

DW20000's stage: 5.0/10, 85/100
This was an interesting stage; a single screen of needle that's kind of messy, with each save having at most 2 jumps that matter. I kind of enjoyed it, though it's pretty AIDS as a whole; every jump is pretty awkward to pull off, since they're all pretty complex as a whole. The 3rd save was annoying to do because of TAS ledge at the very end of the drop, and the penultimate save was incredibly overkill, especially with the second jump being so awkward. The final save was an absolute joke. I didn't really like the music choice in this either, but it's still far better than the music in a16's stage.

There isn't an actual clear screen after it all; in the ReadMe, there was apparently supposed to be a difficult boss at the end, but it wasn't included in the version I had, and there was only an unfinished extra stage that you can't access in-game.

I like needle collabs styled like this, but almost every single one that comes out is seriously flawed like this one; this is mostly due to a lack of testing in the game. Makers only test their own stages and don't bother going through the rest of the game to make sure anything is wrong or unbalanced or unfun. Even though a large amount of testers were involved in this, it still seemed like more could have been done to make this better than it turned out to be. I did hear from Period that this will probably be remade some time this year; if it does, please look at the criticisms I made in this review and fix them. I do want to see something good come out of this project at some point.

Also, please don't include a hard boss in a needle collab of this caliber if you plan on putting it in; I'd prefer to feel accomplished with everything I had already done than feel like I wasted time doing it all before I find out I either can't or don't want to beat a boss that was at the end of it all.

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