I don't wanna Dimensional Mixed Stage 1

Creator: Fapost

Average Rating
6.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
65.0 / 100
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Needle (1) Boss (1)


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3 Reviews:

Not playing it, not because it is not good, its quite the opposite, it is WAY to hard at the start for me to enjoy it (its very tedious). I will either wait for an update regarding this issue or pass on it. If you love HARD fangames straight from the of the bat, then go for it. But if not, then just pass on it.

This was the case on the second room, some of the needle in it is far beyond what should be in a fangame that early.

EDIT: Seems like Paragus thinks the same as well lol.

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May 27, 2016
Im not going to rate it because It appears to be glitched...

Literally the first save of the game is glitched or something and you cant save (or it is a very nontraditional save that isnt even specified) so if you die you go back to the long dialogues in the beginning.

Also I spent at least 5 minutes trying to get out of the house. You shouldve specified that you need to press the up button on the door at a specific place to get out. I was stuck there for a bit...

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May 26, 2016
Tagged as: Needle Boss
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 65 65
May 26, 2016