I wanna be the Descry3

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7.4 / 10
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38.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (1) Gimmick (2) Boss (1) unfinished (1) Orbit (1)


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Rating based on version 0.43 (From 2014. I don't think we're getting another), and on normal mode.
This is an unfinished adventure game. If the only thing you know about it is the Orbit stage, you might expect this to be a Permanence-like medley - That type of medley that takes whole stages of another fangame and remodels them in some way (Though, unlike in Permanence, the referenced games wouldn't be limited to the maker's own creations) - and you would be half correct.
So, it starts out very similar to Descry 2: A few introductory platforming screens (That you can still skip by pressing BackSpace), followed by a main hub that leads to four different stages. The production value is way higher than in the previous games, with better visuals, more fitting musics and a few visual effects. The death sound is from Kamilia 3, but there's a secret item that allows you change it to Permanence 2's death sound. Harder difficulties add extra spikes, hardly worth the trouble (Just a bunch of jumps like corners, diamonds and diagonals), but at least the extra spikes don't look bad. The four stages are fairly different from each other, so we really have to analyse them separately.
- Orbit is brilliant. It's themed on "that" stage of IWBTOrbit, that one legendary stage with thwomps, laser blasts and explosive spikes that really incarnates the best of TsutaShin's ideas for traps. In terms of creativity and insanity, this stage is easily on par with the original IWBTOrbit, or Permanence 2's version, and I applaud the maker for that. The boss is...Nice. It's not incredible and doesn't have any catchy mechanics, but it does have a decent variety of attacks.
- FC is another pretty good stage. It's themed on I wanna be the FC, though I'm pretty sure it's not themed on any of the original FC's stages, but rather on a completely different NES game. Uses moving enemies that attack you with guns (And you can't kill them) to make some precise-ish platforming. It's pretty fun. The boss is rather simplistic, probably a reprint of a Megaman boss fight. Might be the easiest boss in the game, I guess. It's a nice boss too.
- Animated is themed on absolutely nothing, and in fact feels like an unfinished stage. It's a long walk across green fields, one or two spikes, a few screen transition "traps" and a large amount of nothing. Think of it as a stage made of early Blow Game floors. I don't find it bad, but I can't really call it good either. And I almost forgot, there's a mirror kid screen too. It's not anything special, but it's something, I guess. The boss is slightly more well-made than the other bosses in the game, but it doesn't quite have as many attacks and spends too long mid-air, so she ends up being a little bit more boring.
- Occasion is a gimmick stage. Pretty decent variety of gimmicks (Though I wasn't a huge fan of the way the boxes worked), none of them particularly innovative. Not a lot to say about the platforming besides that. The boss is a Big Kid that doesn't last nearly as long as most of its counterparts in other fangames. It's alright, I guess.
Once you beat those four stages, you unlock the next part of the game, except that the next part is unfinished. It's the Bad Apple stage, which consists of one screen and a half of needle-ish platforming, with demo blocks blocking your way afterwards.
It's a pretty fun game. No particularly bad stages, and quite a few good ones. Would definitely recommend, even if only for Orbit and FC. Occasion deserves a look too, it just feels like the other two outshine it.

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 36 36
Apr 12, 2019
Kinda like Permanence 2 but with different stages. Has 4 stages to choose from: Animated, Occasion (features timed spikes and a block puzzle), Orbit and FC. The FC and Orbit stages are the best ones in the game, although FC is a bit on the shorter side. Occasion stage is way too easy, and kinda had some potential when it comes to two different gimmicks that are only being used in the screens they appear. Lastly, Animated is a very boring stage with a false name. All you have to do is traverse some screens without any real traps unless you count the pit trap that happens during the transition from the second to third screen, and only one gimmick similar the mirrored Kid screen in Diverse which is the very last screen in the stage.

The Cheep Cheep boss in Orbit stage can be a bit bullshit at times, Guts Man in FC stage is way too easy since it only does one attack and I beat it on my first try, Big Kid in Occasion stage is very boring without any real tension being made and the Alice (I think that is her) boss in Animated stage has some decent attacks but once again, boring and easy.

After you beat all four of the bosses a warp shows up and sends you to a Bad Apple stage which just has some needle until the game suddenly ends with two demo blocks blocking your way.

Orbit stage is definitely a must try but everything kinda falls flat. The harder difficulties spice the game a bit by adding more spikes to every save similar to what Permanence 2 did and there's an secret in the Orbit stage (might be more secrets in the game, but that was the only one I found) that turns the regular death effect into the one from Permanence 2, excluding the crack and game over text falling down.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 31, 2018