I Wanna Get Cultured 2

Creators: Pieceofcheese87, Paragusrants, Klazen108

Average Rating
9.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.8 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (5) Avoidance (4) Gimmick (6) Medley (20) Boss (7) Long (10) Story (3) Meme (4) Stages (1) Collab (2) Sequel (1) SourPls (1) Sideways_Gravity (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Bob [Creator]
Current Version: 1.5

“I Wanna Get Cultured 2” is the sequel to the well known medley fangame from the western community.
Over 2 years in the making, Culture 2 builds upon the success of the original by massively expanding the game concept, dramaticaly increasing the production value, and an increase in challenge.

The development team led by Pieceofcheese, Paragusrants, and Klazen have scoured the western fangame community and recruited some of the most talented game makers to come together for this massive new production.

Culture 2 is a full length medley fangame that features the following:

* 50+ fangame references of games from the global community
* Real full length boss encounters!
* Dozens of rooms of unique guest content from the western fangame community makers!
* Dozens of optional rooms featuring a variety of content!
* Tons of secrets to discover and unlockables including outfits, death effects, saves, and more!
* Achievement System!
* Robust in-game menu system to keep track of your progress and discoveries!
* Multiple unlockable game modes including a revamped Bifficult hard mode, Gimmick Mode, and more!
* Multiple Endings!
* An epic tale of the ages that continues where the original game left off that is sure to touch your heart!

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 6, 2016

83 Reviews:

It was okay

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 6, 2016
- 6 stage long main contents, which have total 20 screens(10 games X 2 screens per game) for stage, or guest stages that gives originality
- Actual boss that isn't 'meme' that is right from ms paint(well, one of them3rd boss is, but that's just good reference for its prequel)
- Additional contents which includes one extra stage you can try one step further, another extra stage that gives you the worst sickness you know, and bunch of other challenges
- Customizable kid sprite, Save effect, Death effect, and some other effect I don't remember(or maybe that's all, but that's already more than enough)

You know they didn't betray your hype when those are not even all of the features that this game has.
one of the games they include is one of mine and that fact makes me glad and proud.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 3, 2016
Review based on normal, plus meme stage and all challenges. Heavy spoilers. Beaten on 1.3 pre-Boss 4 and 1.42 past Stage 4.
Non-spoiler version:
Apart from a few things which really irked me the wrong way, this game is one of the most fun games I've played, with very good music, fun bosses, and a great final boss. A must play for anyone who's moderately experienced(who am I kidding you all have it downloaded)

Spoiler version:

Stage 1 is moderately easy and eases you into the game with fun screens without too much stuff.
Secret 1(Genki) is fun since I love genki's gimmicks in the first place and it's not that bad.
Boss 1(Cyberspace Virus) is good and well paced. Liked all parts of the boss.
Stage 2 is also very enjoyable. Not much to say as it's still pretty easy and I liked the screens.
Secret 2(See the Moon) is honestly my least favorite secret. The highgrav drop at the beginning, the singlejump part in general, and the lower part of the screen make me really not enjoy the screen since it was always just exasperating when I died.
Boss 2(Bread) is a major difficulty increase for me, but it seemed very fun and balanced. I loved the meme cutscene at the end.
Stage 3 also very fun, slightly harder.
Secret 3(Kamirin) was very fun for me and I enjoyed the flipping gravity to get it, and there wasn't any super awkward jump to pull off with nonstandard gravity.
Boss 3(Meme Team From C1) was super entertaining and my second favorite stage boss. Definitely enjoyed wanting to be the pickle. Miku tyson phase 2 seems impossible to read on first time, but that's not really an issue.
Stage 4 definitely harder, enjoyable as well.
Secret 4(Butterfly) has a stupid entrance, but is in my opinion the best secret(except for the jump that i think is a required 2f/maybe 3f near the end).
Boss 4(Poniko Spider) is honestly one of the least fun bosses I have ever played in a game that was otherwise good. The first phase is really monotonous to get through and takes forever, Bluemage phase is fine except for the DADADADADA attack that I got walled on like 3 times, first phase of spider is okay, anime girl is okay except for the stars which i got walled on like 4 times, and the spider's second phase is in my opinion awful. Takes a lot of learning, which would be great if it wasn't at the very end of the boss. Not a fun boss.
Stage 5 was much harder but had a very good stage selection for it.
Secret 5(Reach Heaven) had a very entertaining gimmick and was very fun. I also first tried like 1/4 of the screen for my clear so I didn't experience some of the pain, but I could see people getting stuck on there for quite a while. I think it comes as a good balance for a final secret(I assume) with a very easy final section that allows you to feel so good that you finished.
Boss 5(Nosebleed) is my favorite boss, with an exciting destination-style section(and an okay anime girl section). Music was very suiting to the boss and it was so enjoyable.
The Guest Stages are all great(except Klazen's last screen because I died at the end and I'm salty) and all showed a little touch of a various maker's style. I especially enjoyed the Kady Stage and the Hiddow Stage.
Prefinal boss area was very well thought out and introduced me to all the gimmicks in the final boss easily. Good idea, more final bosses with gimmicks need this.
Final boss(Demon Lord Biff) was very hard and very fun. I loved the idea of "rescuing" the makers from development hell, though I wish I could've left Klazen behind. No one phase seemed really unfair, and there was also great music. Final phase was a super fun medley of all the different bosses which I thought was great and also a fitting end.
The main game was overall phenomenal(minus Boss 4 and Secret 2) and I loved it.

Non-main game:
Challenges. As of writing I have finished all the challenges. I thought nearly all of them provided an extra fun incentive to work on, with more keys unlocking varied ones. The wide variety from puzzle to avoidance to needle made it very fun and engaging. I did not enjoy the Dapper Dan screens because of final screen, and Unknown World was infjump cancer. 13/15 of them were great.
Meme Stage: A Sudoku-style "bad game" stage featuring some really good screens(Flyingspike, anyone?). Gave a pretty memetastic sprite as well. A good distraction, I guess.
Bonus stuff:Costumes were all fun, the saves were mostly good, death effects were great, but the other effects seemed like you never actually wanted them on, but I digress.

Overall: The best Tear It practice tool I've ever played.

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Tagged as: Adventure Medley Boss Long Story Collab
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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 14, 2016
(Review based on any%)

An amazing game that the entire community has been waiting for around 2 years. This is one of, if not, best medley game out there, the amount of production value placed in this one game is absolutely astonishing. Although there are some bugs that are being discovered here and there, I can't really blame the dev team because this game is incredibly huge, any% clear without additional content is like 30% or less idk.

Gameplay wise it is pretty fun and will definitely make you stuck to your computer as it is quite addicting (given that there are a shitton of optional content). The screen picks are really good and undoubtedly the best picks in any of the medley game in my opinion. Level design is pretty fun throughout the entire game, great difficulty curve. The music is also really amazing. The bosses are my favorite part of the game, each of them have their own style because people from the dev team individually made their bosses (not all of them). You can also leave a room in a stage with backspace) whenever you want to without losing your progress. There are challenges you can do for fun, you get a reward after beating them all, it is worth noting that they're optional content. There's a shop where you can use all those coins you've got from beating stages for costumes, death effects and special effects, personally I wouldn't buy any of the special effects OpieOP.

The guest stages are pretty fun as there are gimmicks for each one of them, most of them were pretty well thought. The final boss was actually much more hype than I've expected it to be, not gonna say too many spoilers though, all I'm gonna say is that it's orgasmic.

All in all, fantastic game. A lot of content even for any% clear, a lot of dedication was put out to this game (and it still is) and it really shows. This game reminded me of I wanna Try a Collab (which is also an amazing game) but it's much better content and production value wise. Hats off to every one in the dev team, can't wait for C3 :).

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Sep 6, 2016
In my eyes this was an amazing game with one substantial flaw (which I'll get to). Production value is great, with a very full featured (especially in the world of fangames) menu system, customization options and effects as well as a simple and amusing enough story.

The stages themselves are very good and the general game flow and difficulty curve felt great. Screen picks seemed very fitting and the team definitely did a good job of using the medley license to smooth out some rough edges, which was great to see. There's tons of variety in gimmicks - most of which were quite interesting - and despite the sheer amount of different mechanics in the game, they seemed well tested and few issues arose.

There's a ton of content and getting back and forth between things is mostly pretty easy (the hub could've been better designed and more compact, imo, but that's a small thing) to allow you to mix it up if you're feeling burnt out or stuck.

The part that really hurt it for me was the (required) bosses and unfortunately for the most part this felt like it got worse as the game went on. Obviously much of this is personal preference but I felt like for the most part the boss encounters felt a bit dragged out and too long. This wasn't entirely related to duration, as boss 1 and 5 felt to best to me and they weren't particularly shorter but the other ones felt like they had phases which were just thrown in to toss random crap at the player (and yea, to some extent thats the tradition of medley game bosses) and I felt like that hurt the experience. I found the optional bosses to be more coherent encounters and would've much preferred that style in the game proper. I think as a warning to those who are not big fans of long bosses, the story bosses tended to not be very enjoyable.

Going over a few design decisions related to that as well:
Boss 2 - I know the Solgryn mechanic is well known but I feel like a lifebar similar to in the final encounter could go a long way to smoothing it out. Pertaining to the above point - the potion tossing frog thing (no idea if its a reference to something) felt like a total waste.
Boss 4 - This felt like a prime example of just random crap happening. Individually the phases were fine but it felt disjointing.
Final Boss - Besides feeling *way* too long which is of course just an opinion, I felt there was a lot of questionable design decisions here and note that they all came near the end of a phase. Phase 2 second biff sequence - the transition to the falling phase felt really awkward because the expectation is undoubtedly that the player would be using their double jumps to position themselves around the projectiles and between spikes and while the last drop between spikes is not hard by any means, the fact that suddenly you don't have a double jump being a sudden change of rules that the player is unknowing of leaves a bad taste when you do die to it purely because you expected it to be there. Plus the sudden change in horizontal speed. Phase 3 second biff phase, the pentagram lasers felt like an instagib that the player definitely could've been given some notice about.

In summary, I'd say 10/10 platforming experience, 7/10 boss experience with tons of bonus stuff on the side to keep the game great. Best area I think is probably Klazen's guest stage, worst imo was the unknown world challenge which unfortunately was probably the longest of them too. Definitely a tremendous effort and a great result, easily recommendable to anyone despite those issues because in the end there's such an impressive swathe of content that everyone will find something to enjoy about it. Edit with 1.5 polishing off a few of the lingering issues.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 73 73
Sep 15, 2016