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Creator: 波导Lucario

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  • by Pyure
  • by Pyure

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So you wanna play Cytus? Then play the actual game instead, as this game offers absolutely none of the fun that comes with the original!

There's just absolutely no thought put into any of the level design. You can skip 90% of the level by going over them, you're thrown into gimmicks with 0 explanation or any indication that there even is a gimmick, the gimmicks themselves are buggy and really unintuitive, the level design consists of walking several miles per save without actually doing anything, the visuals are super ugly and very distracting, and above all, some of the songs the maker chose are versions that aren't even in Cytus.

To give you an idea about how bad some of the gimmicks are, I'll list a few of my favorites!
- Platform ride through fireballs coming out of lava with RNG heights and ridiculously fast fall speeds
- A bunch of ice physics
- You can apparently treat a background effect as water in one area; this is required for the final jump of the area!
- You can suddenly shoot blocks in one area; good luck figuring that out!
- There's an area with rotating circles that you have to jump off of; because they rotate, the kid is falling and landing every frame, meaning only half of the time you'll actually single jump off of them (and guess what! you have to single jump off of a lot of them!!)
- Rotating spikes around these circles; added fun!
- Mazes!
- Screen transition jumps!

Guess what? There are bosses, too!

Boss 1 is literally fucking pointless; you shoot it 100 times and it dies. It does nothing but bounce up and down. It's there to waste your time.

Boss 2, on the other hand, is a disgrace. Imagine taking everything awful about this game and throwing it all together into a shit stew. You have ice physics; the boss has 100 HP; the boss now has projectiles that will burst seemingly randomly (but really don't because of a distracting white bar bouncing up and down as well; I understand this is literally Cytus but holy shit it couldn't have been implemented worse); the boss can regain 10 HP; there is a fucking time limit to beat it; and above all, you have to JUMP FROM THE FUCKING ROTATING CIRCLES TO GET INTO THE WARP LEADING TO THE BOSS ROOM. THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'LL LITERALLY WASTE 30 SECONDS SOMETIMES JUST TRYING TO START THE BOSS AT ALL!

The final boss is just boss 2 except with twice the density of bullets and twice the frequency of HP regeneration. I'm entirely unconvinced anyone can beat this boss without autofire. It is the most disgusting piece of garbage I have ever seen.

After going through it all, I can't think of a single good memory I had with the game. It was all either abysmal or forgettable. Wouldn't recommend in the slightest; play actual Cytus instead.

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Nov 29, 2017