I wanna kadai 01

Creator: 波导Lucario

Average Rating
6.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
30.0 / 100
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Boss (2) Short (1) Extra (1)


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2 Reviews:

Decent and relatively easy boss rush game with nice music. You start in a hub area with 4 stages to choose from, and each one takes you to a boss room. It took me a minute to figure out what exactly you're supposed to be doing for a couple of them, but once you figure it out, they're straightforward. After beating the first 4, a 5th portal appears with another boss to beat. There's a room with slightly buffed versions of the bosses above the main room, so I guess beating those is the end of the game, but there's no "Thanks for playing" or anything. Pretty fun, would recommend if you're looking for something on the easier side.

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Tagged as: Boss Short Extra
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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 30 30
Oct 3, 2018
Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 30 30
Jun 5, 2022