I wanna play the pokemon SILVER

Creator: 波导Lucario

Average Rating
6.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
18.0 / 100
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  • by Pyure
  • by Pyure

1 Review:

Fun concept, but the gameplay is lacking. The rate for grass encounters is insane, at some points making it hard to even move forward. Most of the Pokemon have just one constant weak attack, and in the case of Rattata, the projectiles can't even hit you unless you were to jump into them.

You gain experience from fighting, and leveling up allows you to deal more damage, which is a nice addition and helps give a sense of progression. It's currently unfinished, so with more variety and better balancing, I think it could be a decent game.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 18 18
Sep 29, 2018