I wanna be the Black Rock Shooter

Creator: 陀螺喵

Average Rating
5.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
49.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Needle (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (2) Boss (2) Trigger (1) x_Floor (2)


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4 Reviews:

As pigeon stated this game has 5 chapters with different elements in each. The game overall was fun. I have little complaints other than the excessive traps in stage 3 which brought down my enjoyment a little bit. The songs are nice with no game over music or restart music.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 48 48
Mar 9, 2021
what did they DO to the title screen music

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 17, 2022
could be better rating, but last stage and boss are so annoying

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 49 49
Mar 24, 2021
Well what a way to celebrate 300 clears with a game without reviews.
An in-depth description of the game first:

A lengthy adventure game composed of 5 chapters and not stages with a variety of elements in each of them.
The difficulty curve is not smooth though, there are definitely a few saves harder than others.

First chapter involves switches to move on further with some traps here and there.
Saves are touch saves here
The boss has a couple of attacks and can give an early fair challenge.

Second chapter is pure needle with maybe 1 or 2 required 2f jumps.
First screen has no way to get walk off align to help out either when being in the last save, which are shoot saves in this stage.
The transition after the warp is also dangerous if you hold right for too long, to give a fair warning.

Second boss is umm something interesting I guess, with a 25 second waiting cutscene for each death, so don't miss your shot.

Third chapter involves triggers and the return of traps. They can be very punishing in this stage if not careful.

Third Boss has a nice variety of attacks and a fair amount of HP, an interesting fight overall, potentially instagibby for one of them.

Fourth chapter is a CTB floor type stage with one touch save on each of the 20 screens of needle involved.
It tries to mix a variety of jumps with some innovation from time to time.

Fourth boss has one singular attack through the whole fight, with bullets having big hitboxes, be careful. The screen prior is also an indicator of the environment involved during it.

Final chapter is a black and white stage and has a handful of traps. It can be divided into two main parts:

- First part involves screen with a black and white duality containing design changes in between them.

- Second part involves a shift like gimmick, where there are triggers to switch the screen from black to white. They are necessary to get the full picture of the platforming involved.

Final Boss has easy and hard attacks to dodge, and also happen to be on a black background.
Green can be highly unfair, it gives the least cooldown before the next attack and depending on your position you can get instakilled by them.

WARNING after the boss:
The cloud in the final screen actually goes up when triggered, don't stay on it or you will die and have to restart the fight over.
Wait a few seconds on the left after stepping on it then tap your way to the cliff edge to fall in the warp and access the credit sequence, since the screen whites out after the trigger.

I have no idea if you can drop to the right side of the cloud, I avoided the risk and waited to the left after my third time going there.

As for the review itself:

There are definitely some questionable design choices in the game, mostly in chapter 2 and 3, with unforgiving traps or platforming requiring very precise manoeuvers and potentially cancelling on some keyboards like mine.

Chapter 1 has a few screen transition deaths after fairly difficult platforming.

Chapter 4 was a bit lengthy in comparison, but varies short and long screens and keep a certain pace difficulty wise without boring the player too much.
However, the touch saves involved can be blending in the background if we don't pay attention to them.

The final chapter seems to make good use of the white/black screen duality and changes its gimmick midway through with some innovative design.
There are a few questionable transitions and confusion on the path to follow on a few instances though.
It is definitely a step up in difficulty compared to the rest of the game overall.

Platformwise the chapters are decently organized in terms of difficulty, some could be interchanged to fit the difficulty curve a bit better, like 2.

However, concerning the bosses it seems very unbalanced.
While the final boss is definitely one step above from the rest. The first four could have been rearranged in terms of difficulty.

1 and 2 could be interchanged for example, or 2 and 4 from their respective stage.
I am fairly surprised that the boss from chapter 3 is not in chpater 4, it gives a way harder and more interesting challenge with its variety of attacks.
It does feel highly underwhelming to fight the 4th one when you fought the 3rd boss.

A reorganization of the bosses, and maybe the stages they are in, could have improved the game further in my opinion.
I think most of the traps and triggers are fair but sometimes they give an unnecessary difficulty spike that temporarily destroys the pace of the game.

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 9, 2021