I wanna be the Game Terminator 2

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1.4 / 10
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Rating based on hard-on mode, since it's the lowest difficulty that doesn't use Ez-mode blocks and looks the most like the "intended" difficulty to be played.
Somewhat long adventure thing. It consists of 8 linear, short stages, each of which with a special item (Which may be guarded by a secret boss/platforming area, pretty visible or even within the main route). The Boshy spikes give away what game inspired this thing (If the difficulty selection screen didn't already), but there's none of Boshy's amazing visual choices here: Almost every stage looks bad (Unfitting or just plain ugly backgrounds and tilesets) and the few stages that don't still look nice-ish at best. The platforming itself consists mostly of needle-ish jumps and generic traps (Flying spikes and fake blocks that don't disappear), with some really occasional gimmicks (Ice physics, vines, jump refreshers, and less orthodox stuff like a thing that works like a spring, but activates upon shooting instead of touching), and unwelcome visual effects like the fog in Stage 4 and the section where the screen keeps flipping upside-down in Stage 2. These gimmicks should be enough variety to fill 8 short stages, but most of them are used in a single save only, resulting in more than half of the game being just spam of generic needle jumps (Diagonals, gates) and traps that are just as generic. Meh. The bosses are reminiscent of Boshy/Time Machine, just long loops of attacks involving RNG and patterns, though, just like the platforming, they don't look great (That includes the bosses whose sprites were copy-pasted from Boshy, since their backgrounds are different and don't look so great). Quite a few of them focus their difficulty on a single attack, which may be a trickier pattern or wall-y RNG, but always takes some patience to stomach. Solgryn is a bit different, with a pattern phase that ends with an idiotic attack sequence, a filler phase that consists of a single attack and a choke phase in a ship, the last two being unnecessarily lengthy.
Once you beat the last linear stage, you are sent to a portal room of sorts where you can go back to any stage you want. Now this is where it gets really dumb. In order to progress, you must collect the items from each stage (Which you may not even notice, or simply think of as optional, so if you don't know about them being required beforehand, you're screwed). That is what the portal room is for. However, once you enter one of these stages, there's no shortcut back to the portal room. Basically, even if you only missed Stage 1's item, you'll have to beat the whole game again, including the bosses, as many times as it takes to collect the eight items. Fun.
Getting the items isn't very fun either. Most portals that lead to them are disguised as blocks, and one of them is completely invisible. The secret bosses have the same faults as the normal bosses, and stage 2's boss looks horrendous, with certain projectiles that blend with the background.
Every item you collect unlocks a stage in the second part of the portal room. The item stages, directly themed after Boshy's stages, are way better than the main game. Multiple gimmicks that are explored to a proper extent, actually good visuals, nice amounts of variety. Actually looks like a good game. But most bosses are still bad, with the same issues of focusing their difficulty on a single attack. And then there's Item 6's stage, which is just absolute trash, with ugly visuals, bland platforming and the classic platforming section before the boss I haven't seen since Boshy, here taking the shape of two screens of pits filled with fake blocks that don't disappear and lead to a death pit, followed by another screen of nothing. Basically, there's no save before the boss, so you have to do the entire platforming section every time you die. It doesn't help that the boss is learn-heavy, with bizarre patterns that take more than a few attempts to understand. Just a disgusting stage all around.
So, cleared all the item stages? Guess how you get to the next section. Maybe there's a portal leading to it in the portal room? Nah, that's too simple. Maybe the portal is hidden within one of the main stages? No way, this is not IWBTPlus. Maybe you need to kneel near a wall with a red crystal equipped, then wait for a tornado to take you to the last stage? Nah, you just press '2'. Definitely the first thing anyone thinks of when they want to progress in a game. Anyway, pressing '2' will lead you to a corridor towards the last stage, which you can access from the beginning, but there's a bunch of barriers blocking the way that will gradually disappear as you progress through the game. There's not much to it, just a few sections of triggers and a gimmick where some blocks gradually disappear when you step on them. Nothing special, not horrible (Despite one save filled with nothing that ends with a choke jump and a wind gimmick that shows up out of nowhere and will most likely kill unsuspecting players). And that's it. A bland last stage and no boss. As anticlimactic as it gets.
If you care, the Ez-mode adds a bunch of save points and helpful blocks that avoid/nerf some trickier sections, as well as reducing the HP of each boss by half. It makes the game more bland than it already is, but at least nothing looks like much of a chore in it. Also, would you believe me if I told you that even Ez-mode doesn't have a save before Item 6's boss? Yeah, that's right.
It's mostly just somewhere between uninteresting and bad, with actually good sections later in it, but then the game's structure comes as a huge middle finger up the player's feelings, first with the required items and then with the path towards the last stage, and just makes the game reach a whole new level of bad. The only reason why I didn't rate this lower is because of the item stages, but these can only do so much for the game's quality, specially given that they are almost the last part of the game. Definitely wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 62 62
Aug 24, 2017
Another weird korean boshy clone

Won't rate difficulty because i didn't get myself to finish the game. Ice physics are so fucking weird in this game

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Rating: 1.3 13       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 16, 2017
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Sep 10, 2022