I wanna destroy the pluto

Creator: Ef

Average Rating
7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
54.4 / 100
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Needle (8) Outline (1) Solar_system_series (2)


  • by Ef_
  • by ElCochran90
  • by ElCochran90
  • by Lucien

Creator's Comments:

Ef_ [Creator]
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 58 58
Jun 10, 2019

26 Reviews:

Good overall, but most of the harder jumps are thrown in near the end of saves that are pretty long.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 25, 2022
I just ingeniunely love this style of needle (i guess pathing is my beloved)

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 58 58
Sep 6, 2022
Pretty good game except that a few rooms have a choke jump as the last one, which is honestly annoying considering that all the rooms are 1 save rooms. It's also weird that the late rooms are the easiest of the game.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 28, 2021
Really nice needle game just like destroy the mercury. This one is a bit harder. Just like that game, visuals are nice and the jumps are really cool. Difficulty might make it a bit more frustrating to die in this game, since it keeps the "one save per screen" style.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Jun 24, 2020
One save per screen needle game.
Simple yet fun, it's nothing groundbreaking but still enjoyable. The difficulty is pretty much the same for every jumop of the same screen, only one choke jump that maybe shouldn't be there.
Can't say much besides "it's fun".

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Rating: 7.9 79       Difficulty: 50 50
Oct 29, 2019