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Needle (2)


  • by infern0man1

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infern0man1 [Creator]
This is a really old game I made, started before I made and released microheaven. I had finished it at the time, and only needed to test it before releasing, but me and my testers never actually finished due to motivation to do so, and so it pretty much just died. I found it again today and decided to upload it; everything is possible in it, but as of now I haven't actually beaten the game (although I do plan on doing so).

This game is 6 screens of pretty difficult and very cancerous needle, which looks nothing like my needle style today. Imagine a mix between Needle Dungeon and Scarlet, and that's what this game is, only nothing actually requires 1-framing or cancelling (although it's recommended in a couple of places because I was such a great designer at the time). There are also a bunch of align markers, and I don't know how accurate half of them are.

Not including a link here or on the wiki for obvious reasons, but if you want to play it you can find it on the forum thread I made with a list of all of my games.

Edit: finally beat it; there were some saves that I enjoyed and many more that I found just disgusting. I'd recommend not bothering with this unless you're determined you can do this, because there were several points in this game where I legitimately considered giving up.

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Jan 14, 2017

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Nov 17, 2017