I wanna be the Person who are Very Very Lucky

Creator: Arcfox

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6.1 / 10
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34.6 / 100
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Needle (8) Gimmick (6) RNG_Platforming (1)


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Now even Iwanna don't let we African(means who unlucky,not racist) pass

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 25 25
Jan 26, 2017
Game is split into two different stages. The first has saves that have a certain percentage of working, timing your gunshot well can improve the chances. The second stage has one save at the end of it that is constantly decreasing its chances of working, thus forcing you to do the room quickly if you want to use it.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 17, 2020
Intresting needle game, all the saves in this game has a percentage on top of it which represents how lucky you need to be for the save to work when you shoot it. For example if you shoot the save and the number above it is "25", you have a 25% chance of the save working, if it doesn't work, an X symbol will appear which means the save didn't work, and then the save disapears until you reset the room.

In the first stage, the percentage on top of the saves change to a random number beetween 0 and 100 about 4 times a second, so you have to time your shoots to have the highest probability of the save working, you can still be unlucky and see the save not working even though you had a 80%, so for the first stage you mostly need Reaction Time and Luck.

In the second stage, there's 1 save per room and the saves start with a pretty high number like 200 or 300 and the number decreases overtime, so you have to complete the room as fast as possible to reach the save early, if the number is over 100 when you reach the save then you're guaranteed the save is going to work, and if it's between 0 and 100, then you have an X percent chance of the save working, so for this stage you need Speed and sometimes Luck but you can soly rely on Speed if you're fast enough to reach the save when the number is still over 100.

You also need Skill for the whole game but the needle itself is pretty easy, the game is pretty short but if it was too much longer then the gimmick would have got boring, and the needle is pretty good, nothing incredible but it's good.

I liked the game overall, the gimmick was original, it's a good mix of skill and luck, maybe the difficulty curve could have been better (the game is very easy overall so being unlucky doesn't punish you very hard, and it litteraly ends with a double diamond).

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 40 40
Feb 7, 2022
it's a needle game where you have to do saves, that you already passed, multiple times, if you're unlucky or if you're too slow. The first part (with rng saves) is too easy, so it doesn't punish you too hard for bad rng, on the other hand the second section (with time based percentage saves) completely destroys pace of the game, since now you have to beat a whole room without any saves fast, or you won't be able to save at the end of the screen. Well, the gimmick itself is too specific to do anything good with it, so it was okay-ish. Needle itself wasn't bad, but wasn't memorable at all.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 40 40
May 23, 2021
Interesting game with odd, but somehow enjoyable gimmick. Last screens was actually great

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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 31 31
Mar 10, 2021