I Wanna Be The Valfy [1.014]

Creator: Valfy

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3.5 / 10
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56.1 / 100
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Needle (1) Avoidance (2) Trap (3) Medley (3) Boss (1)


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  • by Valfy
  • by Valfy
  • by Valfy

Creator's Comments:

Valfy [Creator]
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Feb 25, 2017

10 Reviews:

A game consisting of three stages.
It's just a terrible mess all around.

Awful engine, restarting music upon death and room start, corridor needle, seizure screens, a few poor flying spikes traps, global cicles (have fun waiting a platform for 20 seconds), a miku avoidance with hp (it has undodgeable attacks and your blood will block the view).
All the bosses are terrible. Most of their attacks are random(360). You'll have to mash that shoot button a lot.

The positive reviews come from people who worked on some sort of stage rush at the end of stage 2.

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Feb 25, 2017
i played the game on medium, and there will be spoilers in this review
this game is really not so great and has a lot of issues but was still fun sometimes

let's get the engine out of the way first: in this game you don't have too much control over your jump height which kinda feels like the original IWBTG, you stick to ceilings for a tiny bit when you bonk them sometimes, it doesn't know how to handle moving platforms, etc

stage 1 is fine, it does have a lot of traps early on but is mostly easy
there was one weird part in it where you touch a key to open a door and it had this cool gradual effect but it only "updated" while you were touching it, so if you stopped touching it too soon then the key would be half-faded out and the door would be half-opened

the stage 1 boss is a miku avoidance that gives you a lot of hp
miku throws a TON of apples at you and The Guy comes in to fire bullets
you'll probably need to use said hp because without it, this boss would be an enormous difficulty spike
i personally would've preferred it if you didn't have hp so you could have an easier avoidance that you can actually dodge instead
near the end of the boss there's IS a difficulty spike, because she throws huge waving projectiles that deal like 3x damage and you need to move up/down the screen perfectly or else you'll die anyways

once you get to stage 2 you can softlock yourself on the first screen by thinking the first key is optional, because if you reach the next save without the first key, you're doomed
also i think there would be no harm in making the turret on that screen invincible since it's less trouble and more fun to not destroy it
the third screen of stage 2 shows the issue with moving platforms: when you stand on the big platform, you don't actually move with it
this also means that when the platform moves up you sink into the platform and will eventually fall through unless you repeatedly jump to stay on top of it

i don't have any big problems with the stage 2 boss, it was a fun boss
i liked the variety of attacks and double health bar design

the timed blocks in stage 3 were fun, and the timer in the top left was a nice help
however the main part of stage 3 is this collab where you do 4 screens made by different people, in any order
for Kappa's screen, the physics of this game made the apple part unfun and harder than it should be
LDUST's screen has a nice background and tileset to it and i enjoyed the thing where you repeat it a few times with more spikes each time
Spider's screen takes way too long to kill you when you get stuck in a web, but the spider image troll is creative
Valfy's screen highlights how the engine makes things harder than they should be
i think you're forced to touch the gap in this jump https://imgur.com/a/x0UzJUV
the corner jump just feels wrong to do, and the jump at the end with the 3 spikes on top and bottom is harder to do as well due to the low amount of control over your jump heights

the stage 3 boss is not creative, there are portals at the top of the room that shoot giant curving waves, then the bottom right corner sprays some projectiles and that's all there is (at least for the speed i beat it at)

stage 4 starts off about how you'd expect it to, until you get to the second screen
i think i can confidently say that nobody is a fan of the second screen, it has a serious risk of causing seizures in people with epilepsy
there are many alternative, better ways of making distracting visuals a challenge than what the second screen does and i hope nobody was hurt by that screen
the fake third screen troll is kinda funny though

the final boss's first attack is brutal, mainly because of the red projectiles being combined with randomness
with the way they spread and rotate it REALLY feels like they are trying to kill you
within a few seconds of dodging the second attack (where they fire off rng bullets in every direction) you'll likely have killed the boss which doesn't make for a very satisfying final boss

the game does throw out a final two things to kill you after you've killed the final boss
pikachu, which you have a good chance of avoiding the first time if your hands are still on the keyboard, and the fake Game Complete text which you don't
it was frustrating dying to the last trolls and having to kill the not-so-fun RNG boss again

so uh, not a very good way to end the game

i wouldn't recommend I Wanna Be The Valfy, especially if you can't handle weird physics

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Rating: 3.1 31       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 21, 2021
Good game I liked it

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 25, 2017
In this game, just good graphics and good level design!

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 45 45
Feb 25, 2017
Instead of spending time on making an engine in construct with awful physics it would probably be best to just use one of the already pre-made engines for Gamemaker Studio. This could be a relatively alright game if it was made in such but sadly it is not.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 4, 2023