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Needle (1) Trap (1) Boss (1)


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To preface, IWBTE Japan2 is the worst engine in existence. It runs below 50 FPS, physics and collisions are completely fucked, and you can only 2 frame in water unless you're on the very top pixel (which, mind you, is complete RNG). When you full jump, your vspeed becomes constant for about 2-3 frames while falling and it throws everything off. Vines don't give you a djump at all. Literally the only thing that works in it is, of all things, slopes.

This game takes all those quality aspects and somehow makes it worse in every way possible. You have one stage of blocks that spin in place and flash colors; it's literally intended that you have to use the broken hitboxes to scale vertical corridors. There's a stage with moving blocks that will just trap you if you try to land on them at all because of how shoddy the collisions are. I can think of at least one instance where a block wasn't solid and acted like the engine's water.

The game has 2 endings. The normal ending was somewhat tolerable because it never got too difficult or absurd. Granted there's 2 corridors of needle with basically nothing but required 2 frames and 16 pixels but that's as far as it goes. It ends with a boss that you just have to stand there and shoot 300 times. The true ending is a whole different beast. It contains:
- a trap that actually freezes the game for 10 seconds for no reason
- wandering outside the expected playzone to actually progress
- having to jump out of water on the very top pixel to make a jump
- save points that you have to stand on and CLICK to save; fucking CLICK saves
- a save that contains 4 corners and 5 required 2 frames followed by a save that is just a drop with 2 turnarounds
- a gimmick where you have to shoot blocks for them to become solid for a period of time (that actually was kinda neat but was used in the most awful ways -- the amount of time it gives you is complete RNG)
- a boss with 1000 HP (but you only have to shoot 200 times for whatever reason) where you have nothing but those shoot blocks to stand on

The one thing that really blows me away though? I've seen worse usage out of this engine.

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Sep 26, 2018