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Avoidance (2)


  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis

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This is an avoidance that looks simple and easy when you look at a video of it, but it actually has lots of rough spots that can give brutal RNG. I'll describe each section of the avoidance in this review. If you wish to play this completely blind, then stop reading.

Intro (pre-vocals): Beginning could be fun to read, but it's so short that you most likely will only need to dodge 1 or 2 apples so it becomes more of a time waster. Then you have a couple patterns, 1 of which requires you to stand still for a few seconds. It's all easy but its a big time drain of nothing.

Verse 1: This is actually the main difficulty of this avoidance. It has lots of difficult to read attacks and you're limited in how you can dodge them due to the 9 platform layout and the fact that it mixes patterns with RNG. For the pattern at the end, you can't just look up 1 clear video and copy that strategy and expect it to work every time. Due to the RNG of the attack beforehand, you won't always be able to set it up the same way every time so its best to keep multiple strats ready for certain scenarios. Overall, this part is pretty fun but can also be very unfair. It also took me a long time to get somewhat a little consistent at it, and even then I wouldn't even say I actually got consistent.

Chorus 1: Basically only 2 attacks you need to worry about here. First one is the orange circles that can and will wall you 90% of the time, the other is the pattern at the end. Spoiler Alert: This pattern isn't always the same and has a small puzzle element to it to know which pattern you'll get. Though, if you're really good you could probably just read it without even needing to understand how it works. Overall, the pattern is fun but the orange circles are really bad.

Bridge: This part consists of 2 attacks as well. First one is a long aimed yellow apple attack that you need to constantly run away from. The important part of this is setting up the beginning properly. If you mess up the beginning, you're basically dead. It's not too hard but its very easy to mess up. Second attack here is leeks. This attack is very very stupid but it's also funny whenever it decides to troll you. Basically the leeks will randomly change directions, spin around randomly, and rotate around the screen before proceeding to move normally again. It's impossible to predict what the leeks will decide to do so you just need hope you can react fast enough whenever their hitboxes reactivate.

Verse 2 (Part 1: Aimed apples): First part has constant aimed apples attacking you so you need to keep moving. The worst part of this attack is the rainbow burst into grey apples. The burst is extremely fast and can give you really bad RNG. You also still have the aimed apples attacking you while this is happening, which makes this attack more luck-based than it should be since it'll constantly force you into bad spots. After that there's a jump that you need to know the timing of to do, but its actually very lenient.

Verse 2 (Part 2: Music Notes): Next part of verse 2 is music notes. It's either completely free or you get the biggest wall you've ever seen in your life. Ideally, you want to be on the left side during the end of this attack so you can dodge the curving burst after, but sometimes the music notes decide to huddle up and cover the ENTIRE left half of the stage, which forces you to stand right beside Miku and just PRAY the speedy burst that comes after doesn't completely wall you (and you'll be VERY lucky if it doesn't). After that you need to get up on the platforms to dodge stuff coming from the ground, but if you're too low you might not be able to react to the speedy black apples that come out at the beginning. The part that becomes unfair is the very very ending of verse 2. You need to be on the ground to the left to set up the pattern for chorus 2, however the RNG coming from the bottom won't stop shooting out even as the chorus 2 pattern attack is starting. There were many instances where I died to the very last RNG apple coming from the bottom because of this. Overall, this part is just a bunch of luck checks and no actual difficult reading.

Chorus 2: Probably the biggest bruh moment of the avoidance to me. The most troubling part are the disappearing and reappearing teal apples with the RNG orange apples. Even after clearing, I still don't understand how the teal apples work, and they always killed me whenever I tried going to one of the right platforms, which forced me to dodge the orange ones in a terrible spot on the middle left platform. The teal apples can still kill you even if they are invisible, so beware. The burst at the end can also give you trouble since its RNG and very fast. Overall, I feel like would've enjoyed and been more consistent at chorus 2 if I knew how to get to the right platform for that one attack, but it just became another luck grind for me.

Fireworks: So like, this part is very very easy and also quite long. However, its also really far into the avoidance so you'll most likely be very nervous once you get here. I actually died here twice because I was so nervous, but if you aren't then you shouldn't have any problem. If the last firework bursts on the left side and its a big one, you might be screwed. Overall, this part seems really out of place since its a very easy compared to the rest of the avoidance, but I'm not complaining.

Chorus 3 + Lovetrap: Fun to read RNG at the beginning but can be a little difficult. Then you need to climb up to dodge aimed apples. Timing on the climb is easy to mess up, but not too bad if you have a good strat. And then we have the leeks + lovetrap attack... Basically, asking the question: "What happens when you combine 2 very easy and very iconic attacks into 1?" And as it turns out, you get something that shouldn't be put together under any circumstance! Lovetrap is easy, but it still requires you to do it a certain way to dodge it properly, and the leeks can just decide to completely screw you over. Overall, this part is just a bunch of unorignal attacks used in the worst way possible.

Outro: First you have to time a jump. I don't actually know how precise this jump is since I was lucky enough to first try it, but I can see it being easy to mess up. Finally, the final burst. I was also lucky enough to first try this and everything after too, but I can see it being completely unfair, since the burst is super fast and random. Overall, I can't say much else on it since I first tried it all.

My final thoughts is that while it has a really good song and some fun parts. The avoidance itself has terrible RNG balancing and also isn't even that visually appealing compared to other RNG/Pattern Miku avoidances. It mixes really hard RNG with lots of random down time which gives the illusion that its easy if you only watch a clear video. Overall, I do not recommend you grind this game as there are much better Miku avoidances out there, but if "終点 by CosMo (feat. Hatsune Miku)" is your favourite song or something then you'll probably enjoy it.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 87 87
Jun 15, 2021
Has some unfair attacks, but i really liked the music so i don't really mind that :p

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 89 89
Mar 15, 2024
Legendary avoidance for me, so I ignore all the faults of this game.it is 10/10
However,objectively it has tons of unfair RNG, most of players who was just grinding for clear might get mad.So I am not gonna rate it, but it was a truly fun experience for me

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 87 87
Feb 24, 2021
Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 22, 2020
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 92 92
Jan 29, 2018