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21.9 / 100
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Lesser minds may immediately disregard this game when seeing its gameplay, but the truth is that it holds a deep philosophical meaning that only those with an immensely high IQ can understand. You are immediately put into the game with one simple message: "Press space to skip". But what is there to skip? You are skipping the opportunity to reflect on your life decisions that led up to this moment. The beautiful fade out lasts a long time to give you a chance to fully take in the atmosphere of the main area of the game. The bright pastel sky, the one lone tree, the brown dirt and the flower. This first screen symbolizes the very first thing a child experiences when it is born. The tree is familiar and safe, the hole inside representing the womb. This outside place is unfamiliar and empty, which is shown by the lack of music. The flower in the distance represents life goals and ambition. As we walk towards the flower, our ambitions never die and we remain focused and moving forward. When we finally reach our goal, the flower dies. This signifies a transition to a supernatural state of being where the kid is enlightened of the meaning of life and finally understands the secrets of the cosmos. Past the flower is a cliff, showing a plunge into a deep depression at the realization that with this knowledge nothing can be accomplished as he is stuck with a mortal body. This screen is truly a masterpiece and shows us that even in a video game we can find deep meaning. I could not play past this part of the game because my eyes were welling with tears because of this beautiful message given to us by Endog.

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Rating: 2.8 28       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 12, 2017
Rating includes the three endings.
I seriously went from the beginning to the end of this game without understanding what was going on at all, which should say a lot about a story-driven game (Or a game that looks like it was meant to be story-driven, at least. I don't know). Lots of lazy border kills and weird glitches involving screen transitions make me lean towards believing that not a lot of care was put into designing this. Its structure looks like it wants to invite you to explore the game, but there's nearly nothing to explore, so it ends up being a super bland walk around a bunch of screens that almost look like they should be something. Oh, I forgot to mention, the visuals are pretty irky as well.
There are three endings, the third one is actually somewhat challenging. It's also the only ending with a boss, which, somehow, ended up being the only part of the game that I enjoyed (Though if I died in it a few times, I'd probably hate it as well. Doesn't look like a fight you want to play over and over again). My thoughts might also be biased because it uses the song from one of my favorite avoidances, who knows. At the same time, the song doesn't fit in a shooting boss at all. The attacks are neat, but it has way too much HP.
And finally, nothing fits with anything, so instead of looking like a game, it looks like platforming, musics, visuals, sound effects and a concept joined together with so much duct tape that you can barely find anything besides duct tape in this mess. I was trying to find something else to say, but let's just leave it at "It's bad, disjointed and glitchy".

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 39 39
Dec 4, 2017
It's dull, boring, unfun and has softlock. Music is the only good thing in this game

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Tagged as: дизмораль Softlock Shortventure_2017
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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 16, 2019
“Each of us has two distinct choices to make about what we will do with our lives. The first choice we can make is to be less than we have the capacity to be. To earn less. To have less. To read less and think less. To try less and discipline ourselves less. These are the choices that lead to an empty life. These are the choices that, once made, lead to a life of constant apprehension instead of a life of wondrous anticipation And the second choice? To do it all! To become all that we can possibly be. To read every book that we possibly can. To earn as much as we possibly can. To give and share as much as we possibly can. To strive and produce and accomplish as much as we possibly can.” -Jim Rohn [ So in conclusion keep trying. :) ]

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 3 3
Nov 15, 2017
I found this game to be like a foundation for a fangame concept that has good potential. I enjoyed the idea of wandering around in this strange lifeless world as a lost soul trying to figure out what is going on, kind of like a purgatory. The music I thought was spot on for a game in this nature. Wandering around in a “zero difficulty” environment, not really understanding anything but hoping to figure something out, very cool. I like the idea of the game and I’d like to see a large project in a similar style.

However it does not come without its flaws, I sadly did not understand the theme at all, my guess would be that it has something to do with the story which didn’t make it into the game. This kind of game is obviously extremely heavily reliant on its story as well as the atmosphere. I can clearly see what you were going for but I don’t think it works without a better environment. Something like a wind effect, better tiles including background tiles would’ve gone a very long way to create what you were trying to achieve. When creating a mystical environment, the atmosphere is extremely important.

In terms of the platforming I thought what you made worked quite well for the concept, no unnecessary traps, kinda weird routes etc. It does feel like you’re wandering in some strange environment. Where I have to cut down on the level design is the boss, it didn’t fit into the rest of the game at all. It was just a very insta-gibby fight with apples at the speed of light, it doesn’t really flow into the rest of the game very well.

Overall I thought the game had a cool idea, and even though it was executed poorly, I can clearly see where you were going with this. I would love to see a high production fangame in this style.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 3 3
Nov 12, 2017