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Avoidance (3)


  • by luk
  • by NightShark115

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I have to start with a bad word


The first star is just easy, it's just time-waste. It's always an intro role like other games.

Sine Yellow

I can already see a bullshit. I still don't know how to avoid yellow if it clumps up and three lines come out vertically.

Screen Spinning

1st bullshit attack. This attack is just unreasonable. It's hard to read from the start, and the second one comes out at an unreactable paced, and the fourth one is just luck based. I don't know how they tell me to avoid hitting a curve at 15 speeds when I can't even see the bullet.


Time waste. It's just easy.


2nd bullshit attack. you could get impossible RNG picks with just 2 or 3 cherries. The Spiral limits the space for me to move, and in that situation, I have to avoid apples flying in RNG directions, RNG speeds and RNG spawn spots. As a result, it can be hardened up to 70%, but more than that cannot be raised due to unreasonable.


Candy's true face comes out. The first is a crazy pattern and you just have to memorize it. One or two jumps were a little hard to learn, I get enrage every time when I get bonk. And at the end of the pattern, the shake is a real Fucking Bullshit Asshole Luckbased Stupidly Unreasonable things. The fucking shake kills when yellow comes down is the most situation, and red kills before jumping or as soon as blue begins to shake. I died more than 200 times for sure.


It's just easy RNG. This attack itself is easy to read. It's because the harmony with the next pattern is legendary, but the pattern itself is easy. Sometimes it's annoying when i met 16px


3rd Bullshit attack. Curving flies with a RNG speed, bending at a RNG angle, and going pull backing range is also RNG. It often comes with falling at the beginning, if it comes with falling at 20 speeds, there is no fucking way. There's just no way to react. I found out a while ago, that it doesn't just pull backing, but it moves from side to side based on the center. It was on the left side of the bullets to go pull backing, but I fucking died. It's just a luck based attack. I can only play 50% rate of pass. I play for more than 100 hours, and even i rebeat this. Its fucking crazy.

Entrance Spray

Fucking bullshit Bad suck attack.
Of course, i just make are a lot of mistakes, but there are too many Walled as curving. There is no way. When the the cherries reaches ultra-high speed, it can't be avoided at the rate of human reaction speed if three of them come down vertically from the top. I sometimes make a Fucking bad RNG when I spin the wheel, but there's no way. It just ruined my enjoyment Too many times. Even though I just doing rebeat, my success rate has never increased to more than 40%

a square box

It's a tough pattern. It's harder than I thought to get into place and sometimes I made chokes. Sometimes it's made walled where apple fall. I think it's more than 10 times that I met walled

Shape 1

Is a parentless fucking Fucked, Bullshit Asshole stupid attack. The main problem what made me spend 88 hours for beating the candy first time, and the main problem who took so long in rebeat attempts. Just reading is more unreasonable than I thought. I don't know how to avoid it when three flower shapes come together. The final aiming of 'Ah' is the most fucking bullshit wall chance point of this pattern. There is a high probability that there is at least one bullet around me, and you should avoid aiming at the right time. When you jump, you get hit by gray cherry, and white suddenly hits you with no reason. There is no way. When I first clear, it was hard to get even 30%, and when Im going for rebeating, it was read a little bit, so I got half of pass chance

Shape 2

It's a lot worse than I thought But honestly, I think there are more skill issues. There aren't many things that can't be avoided unless the three flower shapes overlap.

Dropping pattern

It is the main problem what made doubles 1st clear time. It doesn't make sense. It's so hard and random that it takes a long time for the next pattern to learning. Because of this pattern, i have to spent double of times. When it rebeat, honestly, it's easy, it's more than 90% of pass chance


It's easy. But I can't see it because of the big bouncing Orb. And with a very rare chance of sniping below.

Zoom Out

Bullshit Attack 5. You should avoid dense bullets in this situation when you can't even see the kid in the infinite jump. To be honest, he seemed to have a bit of a walled or bullshit. I got stupid situation, it was died to upper bullets when it ends. it didn't move away from the kid's spot, Why the hell are you hitting me with this?

Going up

When I first cleared it, I thought it was just an easy pattern , just made some mistakes because of nervous. In fact, when I first cleared, I passed it once or twice and cleared right after, and when I rebeating this, this crazy fucking my worst luck started freaking out. There have been times when 10 bullets have clumped together, and the gel problem is when you on platform it at the end. It is easy to climb on the next anti-aiming when it is on the platform, but the probability that the bullet is on the platform is exceptionally high. Then I twist my hands in panic, and then I jump and died. If you go any higher, a dog-like apple field will hit you to death. I'd be 10 times behind with this alone. If there are four bullets on the platform, how can I avoid it? fucking bad game???

Infinite Jump Patterns

If you died here, you are fucking bad player. If you die, you're stupidly bad player. Why did I died through the played practice? If it weren't for this, I would have saved 50 hours. In fact, I passed the previous pattern three times and came to this pattern, followed by the outro, and then hit the previous pattern 20 times. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have made a fool of myself for 50 hours in the air.


The first time I cleared, it was just doable. Bad RND was just a prediction, so I just did it, except for the situation where it's like dog trash situation like 12 death streak at entrance spray. I started the practice part in anticipation that I would want it anyway, so I actually wanted it, and I was honestly going to give rates it 4 to 5 points. It was a mistake not to record because I was afraid of security. It's a big mistake. Shit

The second playthrough is the huge problem. When I first cleared, I thought I predict just died at climbing about three times. And actually, that was my far far mistake.I died the outro and like a dogshitassholefuckingbadplayer. This is The HUGE MISTAKE. Since then, I died 20+ times of climbing, and after that, the level of fun has begun to bottomless Huge abyss. After i died in the practice part, please let me go one more chance. and I just doing it for over 50 hours. That's why i did 2nd clear after 6 months from 1st clear. There's no fucking way. Some people cleared with first tried after dropping pattern. Why can't I clear after 30 times? It's obvious that im fucking bad player. I have to quit Iwanna for sure. Fun rate? this is -limx ->infinity f(x) = -x. This is also a avoidance that I don't want to play forever. I wrote it with my inner anger in good condition. I have a habit of doing what I cleared things, i'll never play this avoidance forever. I FUCKING NEVER PLAY THIS AVOIDANCE.

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 94 94
Jun 23, 2022
I was so angry because of the sound error. and Garbage RNG's fantastic harmony... It's the most mentally painful game I've ever played.

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Rating: 5.3 53       Difficulty: 95 95
Feb 5, 2022
fucking luck-based game
It shouldn't have been so difficult, i guess those bad designs can be avoided but seems that maker haven't test

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Rating: 0.7 7       Difficulty: 92 92
May 9, 2023
walls walls and more walls! very garbage

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 95 95
Oct 26, 2021
Saw a clear video on youtube and tried this for a while, so...yeah, don't.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 95 95
Jan 2, 2019