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Needle (1) Trap (1)


  • by fasff
  • by fasff

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A strong contender for the worst game I've ever played. This thing is absolutely fucked-up, with everything from downward plane screen transitions to invisible block mazes riddled with hard platforming, to a drop that I'm not convinced is even possible (the creator never removed god mode, so it's possible to avoid doing). The "boss" is a bunch of bouncing minispikes that you have to dodge while doing a double invert followed by a TAS landing invert. And worse, it doesn't even start off that terribly, so you get lulled in by maybe 2/10 platforming instead of 0.

I would almost give it 0.1 for the way the scrolling credits were made, but I just can't find the room in my cold, dead heart to do it. Not leaving a rating, of course, since I didn't beat it all legitimately.

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Jan 14, 2024