I wanna be the Pirate

Creator: Totej

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2.7 / 10
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68.5 / 100
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Special (1) Mobile (3) Boshy_clone (1) Softlockable (1)


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3 Reviews:

This is quite a unique mobile fangame in that it is literally impossible (from what I can tell) when playing with touch screen controls, but if you connect a controller (I used a PS4 one), you are able to infinite jump everywhere at the cost of having no variable jump heights. The tutorial is completable, but stage 1 is immediately broken. You can go down towards what would be the Awesomesauce in Boshy, but there's no item actually there. If you try going to the right, the screen transition doesn't let you through due to the Kid's hitbox being janky. If you turn to the left at the border, your hat's feather clips into the border and moves to the next screen, but then your feather is stuck on the other side preventing the player from moving and instead getting stuck in an infinite loop of going back and forth between screens without being able to progress. Note that every time you softlock, you have to force quit the game and restart from the beginning. The only way to progress "legitimately" is by jumping into the bottom path and going over the wall on the right.

Stage 2 I believe is literally impossible, however, because it introduces vine jumps that don't seem to do anything no matter how hard I try. This is the point where using controller to infinite jump past everything becomes necessary, and from then on the platforming gets even more questionable while having at least 1 boss that is seemingly impossible past the first attempt (specifically the "Ryu" boss). As far as I can see, the only way to beat Ryu is to mash it down early, wait for the boss to start shooting while invisible a bit later, and then mashing down the invisible boss. Everything else I tried just softlocked the boss outside of the first attempt.

The final 2 saves in the game are actually very difficult, with the first one's difficulty coming from the immense length and the janky hitboxes near the end of the segment. And the final save has terrible and slow water physics combined with precise maneuvers and flipping hitbox shenanigans.

This game is technically beatable but definitely not in the way the game intended (though there was clearly no testing done to ensure everything was possible anyway). It's weirdly fun until the final stage for all the wrong reasons, but I would not recommend trying to clear it all due to the difficulty and the incredibly high possibility of softlocking at any point.

Note: The game was removed from the Play Store, but you can still find it by searching for the APK online (it requires an Android phone).

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Sep 15, 2021
its shouldnt exist

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Mar 14, 2024
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Apr 17, 2018