I wanna be the Dark Ephemera 2

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4.7 / 10
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36.5 / 100
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None of the spikes kill you in this version on Medium. Higher difficulties is just Dark Ephemera 2 EASY but with less saves

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 7 7
Aug 21, 2021
Instead of doing a proper review, I'm just gonna list some notes I took while playing.

-Window resized upon restarting.
-Restarting counts as 1 death for some reason.
-Game has a lot of weirdly balanced saves.
-The majority of the game is just bland and clustered needle.
-I feel like the water in this game has somewhat weird physics compared to what I'm used to in a lot of other fangames.

-The game has 3 stages, 5 screens each.
-Stage 1 is just bland unbalanced needle, with black tiles and a gray background.
-Stage 2 is bland water needle, which is slightly more fun than stage 1(mostly because I kind of like infinite jump/water needle. It has blue tiles and a dark blue background, which fits together nicely in a way.
-Stage 2 screen 3 has spike placements, which when combined with the tile set choice of the stage, hurts my eyes a bit.
-I'm pretty sure you somehow save lock(basically soft lock) on screen 3 of stage 2, but I'm not completely sure.
-Screen 5 could be considered the easiest screen in the entire game, and is also really boring compared to everything else.
-Stage 3 uses default "mega man" tiles with a bad choice of color for the background, just yellow.
-Screen 1 and 5 of stage 3 is pretty out of place compared to the other screens of the stage.
-I'm pretty sure you can also get your save stuck on save 7 of screen 1, I don't know though.

Overall, it's just a bland needle game with weirdly unbalanced saves. I do not recommend this unless you are bored and you just want to play a somewhat hard needle game.

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Rating: 4.7 47       Difficulty: 66 66
Oct 9, 2018