I wanna be the Marisasa-!

Creator: ノコメック

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Marisasa-! is a shoot 'em up fangame where you play as Reimu on a quest to defeat Marisa for some reason.

To get pass the title screen you need to input the password in the readme:

It also adds some context behind the making of the game and why it was published like this.

For the gameplay, no autofire, 3 fruits to pass and a boss with 4 phases.

1st phase makes you trapped in a pattern with occasional targetting
2nd phase is full targetting.
3rd phase can be random between 3 attacks, mostly targetting.
4th phase, go left and pray.

It seems possible to just do an avoidance against the boss, but not defeating the boss / phase also does not give you access to the end screen.
The end screen is only accessible if all spells are captured (defeated before their timer ends).

Progress can be seen on the right side of the screen under the score or in the left warp, which contains the difficulty selection.

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Jul 1, 2021