I wanna be the Quarzia

Creator: Kye Williams

Average Rating
2.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
86.0 / 100
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1 Review:

Okay, let me say this. I Wanna Be The Quarzia was one of the very first fangames I've made that I put a ton of effort into. Beginning development back in 2014 on my birthday (19.10), and I wanted to make something similar to Kamilia or Happil... The results of me not being able to program and not adding any bosses is an unbalanced disaster that is a game not reccommended to beginners.

I have many regrets with this game now that I didn't think of back then. (The idea to ask Ukiekooki to play this was one of the worst in my opinion, considering he isn't a fangame player...) I am very glad nobody is able to play this because in all honesty, why should they suffer through this mess?

Though while I do hate this game now for it's terrible design... I also love it too, considering I had so much memories making this game, and this game's development was the rare instances that I had a lot of fun making a game, so this has a special place in my heart.

IWBTQ, you may be heinous, but you did shape me up in a way. I respect you for that. but please never be mentioned again.

Overall, this game is a terrible happil clone, so you wouldn't miss out on anything. Please search for something better to whoever reads this.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 86 86
Nov 10, 2020