I Wanna Travel The Night Sky

Creator: KittyGame

Average Rating
5.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.9 / 100
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Needle (9) Gimmick (1) Short (2) NoBoss (1) Visual_Challenge (5) Visual_Challange (1)


  • by KittyGame
  • by KittyGame

Creator's Comments:

KittyGame [Creator]
guys it's not snow its stars

Update 3 years later: it's snow

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 11, 2018

22 Reviews:

Like 10 screens of generic diagonal spam needle, with one really annoying part where you have to jump through invisible spikes while referencing the positions of ones above/below them.

No idea why this is being rated highly for either quality or difficulty, as it is neither very good nor very challenging.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 39 39
Sep 10, 2018
Glad to see more by KittyGame, as I enjoyed their first one quite a bit. The atmosphere of this game is great. Although the snow is a bit on the heavy side, I really liked the overall look of the stages, and the music fit very well with the visual theme.

The gameplay was somewhat of a mixed bag, though. The needle is moderately difficult, but some saves seemed way more challenging than others. There were some fun jumps throughout, but most screens were littered with diagonals for some reason, along with other common jumps. The invisible section was interesting. I didn't mind it, but it wasn't exactly fun either.

It's a decent needle game that I think could be improved with slightly less visual noise and more variety in the jumps.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 46 46
Sep 11, 2018
Well. It's been one year since I initially reviewed this game. This was when I was reasonably inexperienced with the game and I didn't have the experience to complete the game. To be precise, I didn't have enough ability to do the bubble jump on screen 5.

Well, I've now beaten it, and now I want to give my full opinion on it. Enjoy.


The music in this game is good. It's from SMG so I should've expected it to be good in the first place. However, it actually does fit into the setting well since it gives off a very casual and calm vibe to it. Overall, I think the song used was a good choice for the game.


One thing I didn't mention in the original is how well made the effect is. It looks simple, but the effect that it has on the game, for better or for worse, is very noticeable. It actually reminds me of a snowfall, which wasn't what KittyGame was going for, but it still looks nice none-the-less. However, I still believe that it has the same problem with K3's Betty Area, as it's highly distracting and irritating at points. If a remake was made of this game, toning down the effects would be something that I would recommend being changed about the game.


The gameplay at the time was very similar to KittyGame's first game, "I Wanna Play My First Fangame", or at least in my opinion. It used a lot of generic jumps but it did so in a unique way. I now realize that the gameplay in this game isn't really that good. There were a lot of jumps that were really infuriating and just dragged down the gameplay for me. Along with that, the invisible needle part was incredibly annoying and hard to do. I think the only game that managed to pull off that gimmick was Kale's "Thank Thenewgeezer", and that's really telling about the quality of the gimmick if only one game managed to make the gimmick fun.

Overall, I think the game is heavily flawed, but I still think even now that the game is at least worth a try if you're into calm needle. I would sorta recommend it, but I would recommend KittyGame's first game the most.

Original Review: I can't completely review this game because I didn't finish it, but what I can tell is that it suffers from "Betty Area" syndrome. Good needle screens ruined by detracting deco. I think KittyGame makes good needle screens, but the background ruined the experience for me. Also, the save deletion bug makes it even more irritating.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 50 50
Sep 11, 2018
Personally I find this a step back from his previous game. The jumps could really use more variety as they feel almost all generic with few exceptions. The two saves with the invisible spikes were just flat out annoying and I don't recommend using that gimmick ever again. The visuals would be much better if the background was still. The foreground elements though simple look nice but the background is just too busy and ends up hurting the game's visuals significantly making things harder to see in some aspects. I can tell this maker actually does care about making his games better though and I'd be willing to help this maker if they so wish. Not a good game but it's got some glimmers of potential in there. Side note: the graphic when standing still for an extended period of time did not go unnoticed. It looked really nice.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 40 40
Sep 10, 2018
What appears as a well produced (if a little hard to see) needle game, is really just spam of a few generic jumps (mostly diagonals) with many variations of gates every now and again. It's not a bad game by any means, but it scares me to think this is getting 9 out of 10's. Seems like I am crapping on the game and to a certain extent I am, but I just didn't enjoy it.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 39 39
Sep 9, 2018