I wanna qoqoqo 300

Creator: sunlaoqq

Average Rating
8.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
82.5 / 100
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Needle (3) Gimmick (2) 100_Floor (1) Long (1) Puzzle (2) x_Floor (1) gBrain (1) Pathing_Puzzle (1)


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12 Reviews:

The game has some great ideas, but the enjoyment for me was taken away by the abundance of overly difficult jumps sprinkled throughout the levels. Perhaps the creator felt like he had to make it even more challenging than his previous qoqoqo game, which eventually led to an easy version being made.

Each 10 floors has its own gimmick. Floors 230-239 however did not seem to be tied to any gimmick, unless the gimmick was cramped needle. The stage with the platform theme had levels that made you wait almost 5 seconds at the beginning sometimes, which got a little frustrating at times. A couple of the space themed levels with the lines that change your physics had places where you would have to do 75% of the level again with different physics, which felt a little lazy. The cube stage towards the end, specifically the pink level, has an awkward diagonal jump at the end of a 1-2 minute long save, which seems very unnecessary.

I've been comparing screens from the normal to easy version, and it's surprising how much he's nerfed some of the jumps, to the point where I think he's well aware of where the hard parts are. I feel like the creator should have focused more on balancing the normal version instead of releasing an easy version. Although I do understand that at this point in time with 2 versions out, it would be hard to balance one version without making it seem too close to the other version.

I did still enjoy the game at times, but after clearing it and being halfway in the easy version, I recommend playing the easy version on your first playthrough.

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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 20, 2019
This game is a wild ride from start to finish. The pathing is insane which is what this game is understandably most known for, and some of the mechanics are used in extremely clever ways. However, the needle is severely lacking because it is riddled with 16px gaps and awkward jumps that feel uncomfortable to pull off. The mazes often have spikes and jumps on screen transitions which sullies the experience of figuring out where to go. I HIGHLY recommend using the maps included with the "easy" version of QoQoQo 300 if you want to beat it on "normal" mode because it'll make you less likely to die between screens. The final 10 floors are really clever visually, but almost every one of the screens was painful and frustrating to pull off because of the precision needed; it was probably the worst stage in the game. The cube gets ridiculously hard by the end and has quite a few screen transition jumps, often at the ends of saves. I mostly enjoyed the cube, but it would've been much better if there was a way to fully lock the camera or if the cube just turned faster when switching sides. The black cube is stupid but kinda fun, so it's a shame it got completely cut from easy mode. Then the final maze is INSANE. The pathing is so beyond comprehension that I found myself getting excited every time I made progress while drawing out the route. However, it also suffers from having some irritating jumps scattered throughout which makes progress a lot slower than I'd like for something you already have to plan out for hours.

I loved the experience of pathing through this game and having my mind blown, but the enjoyment was pretty low at times due to the sheer difficulty and awkwardness of the platforming. I rated the game slightly lower than I'd say it deserves by itself because of how much less enjoyable it appears in comparison to easy mode which is the version I'd personally recommend. Even the creator of the game, Sunlao, recommends it because of how much better the balance is and how much smoother of an experience it'll be.

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 88 88
Apr 24, 2020
Some spoilers below

Words hardly can say how much expressed i am from this game. This needle concludes every strong side that Sunlaoqq made in his previous games - pathing is actualy beyond insanity, it feels really natural and smooth, and it never stop blowing your mind how incredible it is

Also what is become more stronger in comparison to previous games is actual design of gimmicks. Second game was not brilliant in that context, here tho there will be many interesting and various stuff: refreshers, See the Moon physic bars, moving platforms cycles, very very long consistency saves and so on, and so on. This game keeps very driving and diverse, which is highly entertaining

In the later parts the game becomes like even more insane, but in the good way. Pseudo-last stage is vertigo journey with actually genius idea and execution of endlessly wrappings screen, where you always had scrolling motion whenever you go. Despite sometimes being too grindy, it was definitely very interesting stuff

The next stage is infamous Cube, which is hard to describe, but the principe is that you can rotate your room to observe where you can go and you need to reach final warp by setuping your position correct through going and guessing turns correctly. Also rotating Cube allows you to make some drop jumps easier, which is really awesome touch. I geniunely love this stage so much, it was one of the best needle experience i've ever had, despite being really difficult sometimes (especially Pink room)

And then comes the Leviathan... the Giant... the fucking Beast. Remember insane final room of Qoqoqo 2? Well, maker decided to make something similar here, but way more epic. 4x4 room full of See the Moon physic bars and some additional gimmicks, where you need to make your way out. Words can't really decribe how fucking overwhelming this room is - you never feel like you close to end, you never know what will be your next move, you just going and praying at the start, but the more you make your progress, the more evidences of where you need to go you will start to notice. I absolutely have no idea how maker creates this multicrossing pathing work, it's just really that impressive, and by the end i just start to think Sunlaoqq is either madman or genius or both, lol. Overall to say at least, beating this stage in one session was one of kind experience and absolutely fucking worth it - remembering room layouts to understand how escape from this hell at the end feels like you really understand this room very deeply and makes win so rewarding, it's actually incredible

Some negative issues tho i must mention as well. Game design is actually awesome, yeah, but unfortunately some jumps are definitely lacking in quality. Basically the game goes on good pace, and then boom, really uncomfortable and hard as ass jump appears. This problem is very oftenly appears in last stages as well, which is kinda meh, since sometimes it's just becomes way too farm instead of decrypting game pathing secrets. Stage 4 is also stands out as filled with way too much precise 16px gaps, which made me really sick. I know that this problem kinda not exists in easy version, where stages are nerfed quite heavily, but it doesn't really matter for me, since i'm the guy who love to see original philosophy of games, and well maker definitely quite fucked up with jumps sometimes

But it doesn't stop me from rate this game that high. I rarely feel big spectre of emotions by playing needle, and this game brings up very encouraging and sweet state to me. I wish more needle games were as good and spectacular as this game, but you know. I pretty much recommend this game for everyone who have spark of interest in complex platforming and who not affraid of feeling of mind being fucked quite often, lol

P.S: Beware of losing progress on final stage by saving without too much thoughts. Recommend to make backup after each hard save or on every situation that looks like divarication

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 80 80
Oct 26, 2023
One of my favourite needle game,it’s much more longer(at last 10+hours) and harder than previous qoqoqo series.some floors are challenging and really hard to figure out a path,the final stage is quite insane,it’s a 4x4 big maze,I always lost myself in this fucking room. The cube stage and the infinite space room is awesome.Overall ,its fun,and I really enjoy it. Expect the creator’s next games.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 86 86
Oct 27, 2018
While there are some questionable jumps here and there, with some softlock potential if you are not careful, I find it hard to overlook how impressive the pathing in this game is.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 11, 2023