I Wanna Break The Dimension

Creator: Hve

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6.7 / 10
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90.0 / 100
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I'm still stuck at the final boss in the current version (0.87), but I'll still give my two cents.

Break the Dimension has 5 stages with 5 bosses, and all of the difficulty went into the bosses. A lot of bosses have themes and attacks that resemble Justice Guy bosses. For example, the stage 2 boss resembles Gottfried from Justice Guy, and in my opinion is the 2nd hardest boss in the game. This boss has an enrage phase at the end, and getting into the rhythm of it was pretty difficult for me.

The stage 3 boss was a nice break from everything, with every attack being pretty easy to handle.

The stage 4 boss was another stopping point for me, but after learning all the attacks, it was only a matter of time before I got it.

Now we get to the real fun, the stage 5 boss, and oh boy is he fun.. This boss almost requires you to use AutoHotKey or something similar to bind your jump key to your down arrow key (along with your normal jump key, which was Z for me). I will explain why you need to do this soon. I will break this boss down into phases to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Phase 1: 100%-90% HP. It has 3 basic attacks. One of the attacks is a quick time event where you have to press 1, 2, 3, and 4 in a random order very quickly.

Phase 2: 90% HP. The boss will spawn a shadow kid that follows your every movement with a 3 second delay behind you.

Phase 3: 90%-70% HP. The boss has 3 extra attacks, including the attacks from phase 1, but now you have shadow kid you have to dodge as well.

Phase 4: 70% HP. A barrage from the top 2 corners that lasts over 15 seconds. You cannot damage the boss during this.

Phase 5: 70%-50% HP. Same as phase 3

Phase 6: 50% HP. The shadow kid goes away, but now you have to deal with something else. A big quick time event occurs, and you have to quickly keep pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 in a random order while dodging explosive projectiles. You cannot use numpad. This is the reason you need to set your jump key to down arrow, while you press buttons with your left hand. There are around 22 numbers you have to press in this phase.

Phase 7: 50%-10% HP. You have to dodge the 5 basic attacks (excluding the quick time event one) from the previous phases, but this time they're harder, so you will have to learn it all again.

Phase 8: 10% HP. Hell. The game will choose 2 (I think) out of the 4 previous bosses and you will have to survive attacks that were used by that boss. Each previous boss phase lasts over 20 seconds, and they are pretty difficult. They are similar to avoidances and are very learny, so make sure you record your attempts. You cannot damage the boss during this phase. This is the phase I am currently stuck on, and I still don't know how to dodge 1 of the attacks.

Phase 9: 10%-0% HP. I'm not sure what happens here, but I'm not hopeful that I will ever reach it.

This boss is well over 4 minutes long, and requires your full concentration every second. The problem with this is is that the creator already knows how to do everything in the fight as he was making it, whereas the player has to play through the entire 4+ minute long fight just to see a tiny bit of it each time. I think this is a bit unfair and not really enjoyable, and also shows that the game wasn't tested enough.

The game has potential, but half of the bosses in the current version will deter away most of the players. The last boss especially needs to be made easier.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 90 90
Mar 11, 2019