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Creator: Totsu

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4.8 / 10
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95.0 / 100
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Zorgo [Creator]
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Jan 31, 2023

5 Reviews:

The game that was once a legend. Humanly unreasonable, some said. Others had hope for god players to eventually slay this beast. While i wouldnt call myself a god, it is now slain. I think better players would struggle less, but no one else wanted to play it, so i did.

Heres a summary of what this game is:

Save 1 - Actually very fun save! The first jump was a really fun jump to do. The vine manuevers this save forces are really cool, the vine cactus is unique and interesting, the second vine is cool. I like this save a lot, but the squished diagonal has a little vstring luck involved, so i cannot rate it a 10.
Time spent - 7.5h. Rating - 9/10. Difficulty - 93/100

Save 2 - The author fucked up, so you can just save in the air to cheese the hades plane and have the align thats good for the later jumps, skipping the vine. The water part at the end is gross tho. Despite that, the save is pretty easy.
Time spent - 1.5h. Rating - 4/10. Difficulty - 85/100

Save 3 - The thing that makes this game so hard, and by far the hardest save in the game. The first jump is quite hard, but gets consistent. The second jump is fine compared to the rest. The third jump is really hard, doing a jump to the platform is really fucked, but i found a strat that made it not luck based by 1 framing the platform. The final jump is absolute bs. Really hard mess of inputs, and the water part is also fucking ass.
Time spent - 14h. Rating - 1/10. Difficulty - 96/100

Save 4 - This save is actually quite hard. The best part about it, is that author completely fucked up again, you can just save in the air and skip the first plane. The drop is hard to do consistently and the second jump is very hard, the hardest part being the platform. The diamond is ass to time, and the final jump is ok but i choked it a lot.
Time spent - 11h. Rating - 2/10. Difficulty - 94/100

Save 5 - Actually free lmao like man why is it in this game its so easy
Time spent - 40 minutes. Rating - 3/10. Difficutly - 75/100

Now that the precision trials have ended, screen 2 appears. Its a consistency needle save full with precise jumps, while most of them are ok, the drop sphincter, the killblock jump and the 4th jump are really fucking stupid. This took the longest cause i suck at consistency needle, but someone good at that wont have much problems with the save.
Time spent - 18h. Rating - 2/10. Difficulty - 94/100

Overall time spent - 53 hours.

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Jul 10, 2022
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Sep 17, 2019
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Sep 16, 2019
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 93 93
Oct 15, 2022