I wanna Reach the Exit 3

Creator: Ear.1

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
60.2 / 100
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Needle (6) Gimmick (5) Puzzle (2) Maze (2) Pathing_Puzzle (2)


  • by Bob
  • by Bob

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It's rare for a game to make me this upset throughout.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 65 65
Oct 25, 2021
Reach the Exit 3 is a fantastic needle game with a variety of creative gimmicks. The first two stages are painfully generic, but the 2nd at least has some nice looking minispike visuals. The third stage is where the game gets good, using a really clever teleporter gimmick that I've never seen before. At this point, the game also develops some really cool pathing, utilizing the gimmicks really well to create awesome maze. The fourth stage uses screen warp in a way that should be familiar to people who've played QoQoQo 300. It was awesome there, and it's awesome here. The fifth stage uses a gimmick from a classic Flash game, Shift. This was a blast from the past, and it made me really happy to see such an iconic game recreated in a fangame! The gimmick is used well, and this stage has some of the most fun screens in the game.

Overall, this is a fantastic needle game, although you should stay away if you're faint of heart when it comes to gimmicks! Otherwise though, I think you should absolutely play this.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Maze Pathing_Puzzle
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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 58 58
Jul 31, 2022
I don't know how to rate this game. On the one hand, the pathing is giga-brain insane—but, on the other hand, the platforming felt like it was forced to be a certain difficulty, and not in a good way. Saves often end with the toughest, grossest jumps. The stage 2 gimmick was infuriating, with how it works not being telegraphed into the slightest, and one of the hardest saves in the stage being directly after the "tutorial" screen. The last stage has a cool gimmick, but saves are few and far between. It made it almost impossible to enjoy the gimmick, because it just became tedious to make it back to the same shitty named jump and die.

Would only recommend to people who love cryptic pathing and game-changing gimmicks.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 29, 2022
I enjoyed the 3rd stage and especially the final stage, the others I either didn't care for or didn't like.
1st stage was chill standard needle but there was one save that had a pretty hard jump in the middle of it which seemed out of place compared to the rest of the game.
2nd stage I barely remember right after playing but I have no complaints about it.
3rd stage was cool, I like having to use my brain sometimes.
4th stage I very much did not like. Every save was just a long save with a long blind drop you have to do at the very end of it, and unless you have insane reaction time, you're basically just falling and praying you're going the right way, and if not you have to do the long stretch all over again and try the long drop to make slightly more progress in it every time.
Final stage was really good imo. The screens also consisted of long saves like the last stage, but unlike the last stage you could much easier tell where you were suppose to go and it felt good to play while last stage felt like it was mostly just full jumps and blind drops over and over.
So overall, I appreciate the variety but I definitely preferred some things over others.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 8, 2022
A pretty fun needle game that gets pretty interesting the further you go in. There's standard needle to start with, but it eventually evolves into gimmicks that make everything feel like an interesting maze. The final screen is an adventure all in itself.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Pathing_Puzzle
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 58 58
Mar 28, 2021