I Wanna Be The Engine Maras Edition

Creator: marasovec

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Creator's Comments:

marasovec [Creator]
v1.2 (11.10.2019)
+ Fixed a bug where dotkid player gets killed while being teleported between portals

v1.1 (30.9.2019)
+ Added Godmode
+ Added Click-to-teleport debug option
+ Added Fullscreen
+ Fixed physics
+ Fixed platforms
+ Fixed some unecessarily big and blurry sprites
+ Fixed ladders when upside down
+ Added a few more comments
+ Fixed saving
+ Fixed a weird bug that makes save files HUGE when entering the main menu
+ Fixed Autorespawn

No one asked for this but I made a new engine. I've tried to make the engine as simple as possible because I feel like other engines are so fu** overcomplicated. There are some features that might be helpful for some people

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Aug 27, 2019

3 Reviews:

There's a lot to unpack here. My opinion might be biased, but not towards NANE or YoYoYo's engine since I've not used them all that much and I prefer using my own.
I'd say the best way to analize this is to comment on individual details first:

-Slopes- (Always a handy thing to have in fangames)
-XY platform movement- (Can be used to create neat platforming challenges)
-Walljumps- (This for me is a mixed bag. They keep your double jump and work fairly well, but if you hold both directional keys, the kid stops mid jump)
-Menu layout- (Simple and does what it's supposed to do)
-Settings- (I did not like the way it's structured. You should either use the keys or the mouse to interact with a menu, not both. Still, the options are good and clear)
-Fadeout effect- (I don't mind it, but I imagine it can get tedious)
-Init room- (It's empty of objects, but the room has creation code. That's kinda elegant, I think)
-The way the player object is coded (I like it. It's simple and it works well)
-Triggers- (nice variety)
-Ice block-

Now, for the things I think need some work or can be changed:

-The camera movement- (It's not bad, but it's not great either. Could use some work)
-The folder structure of the engine- (It's kinda messy, specially with sprites. I'd say more folders would order things better in there. With objects it's not that bad. Scripts could use some folders as well)
-Lack of a debug mode- (Godmode + kid placement with the mouse + some useful data like the XY position of the kid and so on)
-obj_camera and obj_portal's sprites- (The first has an unnecessarily big sprite and the second has a blurry sprite. just small nitpicks)
-Ladders- (They could use some work. You should be able to grab the ladder when pressing "down" as well as "up". When inverting the kid's gravity, the buttons remain the same but the sprite gets inverted, so it gets confusing specially when you can't grab the ladder when pressing "down". Also you should put a platform object at the very top, to stop you from falling. Same should happen with inverted gravity)
-Code comments- (It needs more comments. It's annoying, but it's also necessary when making an engine)
-Platforms- (They work well, but they do feel different from the standard engines. It's understandable, though)
-Script names- (small nitpick as well. There's a script called "create", which could get confused for instance_create or something similar. You should always put "scr" before a script name so you always know what you're using, it's a good habit)

The engine is good overall. Not quite my cup of tea, but it works well and it's always a good thing when someone has its own take on an engine. I'd say give this one a look if you want to learn more about how gimmicks are made.
I'll update the review if I find something else.

EDIT: I actually ended up using something from your engine so kudos to you

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Aug 29, 2019
An engine that's so radically different I don't really know what to make of it. On one hand, there are some really nice features like moving solids and smooth camera, and it seems mostly functional. But on the other, everything seems to be re-coded from scratch, so whatever knowledge you may have had about standard engines like the YoYoYo engine are kind of out the window. The physics also seem slightly different, though I doubt anyone wanting 100% accurate physics would use this anyway. A few minor things about it bug me too, like not having fullscreen by F4 enabled and the warp sprite being kinda blurry.

Overall, it seems decently made with some cool stuff, but I'm not sure it it's worth learning an entirely new system. Perhaps it's good for newer makers, I dunno. I didn't spend an incredibly long time looking at this so I could be missing some of the nuances of it so this is just my first impression. Give it a look for yourself if you're interested.

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Aug 27, 2019