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  • by SUDALV

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SUDALV [Creator]
Please read readme file and do not hide JCS usage, especially on speedruns.
p.s. this tool probably is useless, but i don't care, i made it because it was fun to make.

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Sep 13, 2019

5 Reviews:

I can understand why such thing may exist, but I don't understand what was the reason to upload it publicly considering the fact that cancel scripts and such is a very controversial topic. Why don't upload various decompiling tools, autofire programs or the freaking cheat engine here too then? People will find 1000 ways of abusing something like that if it is available publicly for them. This is just my opinion, but I really think that delfuit is not a proper place for something like this.

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Sep 18, 2019
Jump cancel cancels your skill.

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Sep 14, 2019
Sigh, honestly why would you tell someone not to use jump cancel scripts but provide them with a tool to script jumps that require jump cancels; it makes no sense at all.

But I am here to give every game a fair chance after all so disregarding this. Lets look at the positives this tool provides over its competitors aka JTool and RMJ. The only thing that this may have over JTool and RMJ is being able to perform cactus cancels a lot easier since you can emulate it and actually learn how it works. To be honest, you can still do this in JTool and RMJ its just a lot harder there.

So how about the negatives to this game. The biggest one is allowing people to script jump cancel jumps and basically make it nearly 100% consistent. The other big problem about this tool is that it barely separates itself from JTool and RMJ to the point that I honestly see no point in its existence. If you really need to improve your jump cancel consistency there are many more options available such as getting the Razer Blackwidow keyboard which specializes in 1 framing and cancel consistency. The next option is using numpad since for some reason in fangames it allows the kid to get a 1f or lower in 95% consistency. The last option is just resorting to scripting but then at that point why are you playing the game if your just going to script it. The only reason I can see to script a needle game is if you want people to congratulate you on a hard needle clear (that you didn't earn because you scripted to clear it). But if that's what you want then its fair game to use it obviously.

Like I stated before... what I can recommend doing if you want to make this tool better is if this had the same functionality as JTool and RMJ but it had some of these extra features this tool provides so it can completely outclass these older tools. But as it stands now, there is absolutely no reason to use this tool over JTool and RMJ besides if you really want to learn how to cactus. To top it all off, there aren't very many fangames at all that require cactus cancels so the usefulness of this tool drops off significantly as a result. Also, I want to bring up that this tool is a bit more complicated to use over JTool and RMJ which are easy to use and you can just as easily emulate jumps on a specific grid and on a specific fps to replicate the jump you are stuck on in full force. Also, RMJ has a feature where every time you die an afterimage is made of the previous kid to show how you succeeded a jump or died at a jump so you can constantly keep on learning how to perfect your movements so you can pass the jump you are stuck on consistently.

I apologize if I upset anyone who has read this review and didn't like what I have said. But, I am trying to be as objective as possible in this review to show why a tool like this is not needed these days. So as far as a verdict is concerned. This tool just does not have what it takes to make it a better pick over something like Jtool and RMJ which completely outclass this tool in every regard besides learning cactus cancels.

I won't rate this tool because I don't see the point but if I had to give it something I would probably just give it a few points for the extra features this provides and the fact that this tool may be better if you are learning how to cactus cancel.

Thank you to anyone who has read my review to the end I appreciate it.

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Sep 14, 2019
I believe that such things must exist. I'm a regular player and I want to play “I want to be ******” for a couple of hours.

I want to enjoy my playthrough and not have to learn jump cancel just for one moment for the sake of one moment in the game. For example, in the game I'm currently playing, there is only one place where this mechanic is needed.

P.S. i think this mechanic a game bug

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Nov 16, 2023