I wanna be the sky (ハRuひ大26)

Creator: ハRuひ大26

Average Rating
0.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
56.3 / 100
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Needle (3) Boss (3) Short (2)


  • by Wolsk
  • by Cosmoing
  • by Cosmoing
  • by Cosmoing
  • by Cosmoing

4 Reviews:

A dozen or so needle screens followed by a boss. Default tileset. Most of the difficulty here comes from the bad collision order, causing a few jumps to be much harder than intended. The last save on the first screen in particular involves doing 2 corners because of this.

The needle is rather boring and full of generic jumps but the star here is when you reset, the game lags for a second because it's trying to open the title screen music. Yup, the title screen music is opened in another window for some reason, and every time you reset it opens it again before checking if you're on the title screen, then closes it. It takes what would be a rather mediocre needle game to a pretty bad one.

But that's not all, this game has a boss! It has only 1 attack and it would probably only kill you if you got lucky enough to win the lottery and had your eyes closed. And the cherry on top is that it takes about 2 minutes to kill. Honestly, there's really nothing good about this game. Find something else to play.

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Tagged as: Needle Boss
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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 14, 2019
What Cosmoing said

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Tagged as: Needle Boss Short
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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 3, 2019
It took me longer to download the game than it took to beat it. Also I apparently won the lottery.

Do not recommend.

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Tagged as: Needle Boss Short
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Rating: 0.8 8       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 2, 2019
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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 11, 2019