I Wanna Nonamed Spike 2

Creators: AHS1222, Иyinmir, Medley, Dengol, PDplayer, gafro, Biogom, Whiteshadow, Soap, Shinobu, OccultCube, GlayTV, Mobiun

Average Rating
9.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
86.3 / 100
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Needle (4) Avoidance (2) Gimmick (2) Special (1) Collab (4) Extra (1) god!! (1) Nonamed_Series (1)


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Creator's Comments:

gafro [Creator]
There is no matter if you treat this game as korean Discord Makers series.
A lot of efforts were put into this game (Shoutouts especially to the main creators AHS1222, Иyinmir,) so hope you guys have fun with this :)
Also happy new year everyone!

+ Also we are told that you can have some really odd stutters on Medley's area if you play on window 10 PC's, as far as we know it's due to some issues related to gamemaker 8.0.
For the reason I wrote above, we also compiled the game in gamemaker 8.1 so that we can make gm8.1 version which won't cause the issues anymore.
Try it if you have some lags in this game.

gm8.1 ver link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zcxsqu688hyyw7c/I_Wanna_Nonamed_Spike_2_v1.16_%2528gm8.1_ver.%2529.zip/file

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Collab
[6] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 31, 2019

12 Reviews:

Best game of my life
It was difficult, but it was very fun

+ Extra

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Special Collab Extra god!! Nonamed_Series
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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 91 91
Jul 17, 2020
One of my favorite needle games, I love the variety this game has. Super unique experience. I'll write concise reviews for each stage.

Dengol : how?????????????????????????????? 9.5/10

Иyinmir : The gimmicks were very unique to me, had a lot of fun with this stage, third and fourth area was just lmao. 8/10

OccultCube : Nice easy short saves. 7/10

gafro : Really solid usage of vines and water, super good stage. 9.5/10

Shinobu : Nice L needle to add varieties, but I didn't like some saves which destroyed the balance of the stage. 6.5/10

Whiteshadow : Excellent visuals and needles, some jumps were meh but who cares. 9/10

Mobiun : Actually kinda fun gimmick and the execution was decent as well, surprisingly. 7/10

Biogom : Korea has Biogom. 9.5/10

PDplayer : and PD as well. 9/10

Medley : Visually appealing, smooth needle, honestly one of the best stages in the game. 9.5/10

Soap : Very fun trigger needle, somehow flows very smoothly. 9/10

GlayTV : Great atmosphere, gimmick/execution, and needle, I really love this stage. 9.5/10

AHS1222 : The main reason this game is 85 difficulty. Still I did like this area, it gets consistent as the time goes, however there were many wacky jumps I didn't like as well. This area left me a lot of memories. 6/10

And yes that's the game! Plus there is a graphic glitch thing which bothered me, I don't know it's just me. Overall I loved this game, I would recommend it to everyone. I will update this review if I clear extra.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 85 85
Apr 25, 2022
i like this game

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 85 85
Apr 30, 2020
pretty fun game filled with a variety of stages, id recommend that everyone plays this game, but it's pretty hard. in particular, there is one stage i found way harder than the rest, which is ahs stage, its 4 one save screens, the first and fourth are pretty easy, but the second and third took me a long time, and theyre pretty hard. the second screen was nerfed after i beat it though, idk how its like now. i still had a lot of fun with this area, if you like long saves, youll probably like this area. i think my favorite area of all the stages is probably soap area it has good looking graphics, and it is several screens of very fun trigger needle
in the end id recommend this game to everyone, with the amount of variety in it, theres something for everyone to enjoy

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 82 82
Jan 4, 2020
Rating does not include extra.

I Wanna Nonamed Spike 2 is a fantastic needle collab game, possibly the best I have played thus far. I rarely found myself bored while playing through its stages as each were unique in their own way. While this proves true, there were of course a few things that didn't particularly tickle my fancy, but in all fairness it's very difficult to create a perfect game. I consider myself to be a slightly less experienced needle player than some, however I will give my best thoughts on each stage of the game.

Gafro Stage: Difficulty 65/100
This stage consists of four one-save screens of somewhat challenging needle. There was one thing that bothered me, and it was a weird behavior with the saves. After resetting a certain amount of times my position after resetting would gradually change depending on which direction I was holding. It made grinding the last save a slight annoyance, for I had to correct my save location every now and then. This stage is certainly is one of the easier ones, and I spent more time on the final save than I would like to admit.

PDplayer Stage: Difficulty 65/100
The main gimmick of this stage is that in order to reach the end, you must touch all of the blocks a certain number of times depending on their color. For instance, if a block is red, you must touch it once, while if you touch an orange block, it becomes a red block afterwards. Additionally, once a block changes from red to black, it will kill you on contact. I enjoyed the first three screens of this area, however I found myself frustrated with the final two. The fourth save had moving apple wheels that were annoying to pass through, and the fifth save just felt weird with the platform.

Shinobu Stage: Difficulty 60/100
This stage is a single room of L needle which I particularly enjoyed; I would consider this stage to be my third favorite stage of the game.

Dengol Stage: Difficulty 70/100
Upon entering this stage, the screen is limited to a quadrant that is revealed to you based on your position. As you move around the screen, the area revealed to you follows you. Before you know it, you have made a loop around the room and the needle changes from what it previously was. I thought this gimmick was pretty cool, although a couple of times I felt that it obstructed my vision a little too much. Even still, it was a manageable problem to deal with and doesn't hinder the stage as a whole.

Biogom Stage: Difficulty 70/100
The main gimmick of this stage was the use of catharsis water submerging most or all of the screen. A few of the screens required you to collect keys in a particular order to reach the exit. Of these, the second screen contained jumps that felt much more precise compared to the other screens. This stage was fun, however I don't know if I would hold the same opinion if I found myself stuck on the second screen.

OccultCube Stage: Difficulty 70/100
This stage was another five screens of pure needle, however, did not limit the number of saves to one like the Gafro area did. The needle was good, however I did encounter a jump on one of the screens (I don't remember which) that was significantly more precise than every other in the stage. Aside from that, it flowed well and I would perhaps consider this my second favorite area in the game.

Mobiun Stage: Difficulty 55/100
This stage was weird. It felt much less polished than the other stages in the game up to this point, but that doesn't make it a bad stage. The saves are campfires (presumably drawn in ms paint) that warm up the kid. If you are too far away from a save for too long, the kid will get cold and his movement speed will be reduced. Overall this area wasn't nearly as hard as some of the other stages in the game, aside from screen four which took me a little bit longer than the rest due to the slightly unintuitive placement of triggers.

Whiteshadow Stage: Difficulty 70/100
Six screens of standard needle with both an attractive and somewhat distracting tile set. Nothing here particularly grabbed my attention, however I liked the aesthetic and the music.

GlayTV Stage: Difficulty 75/100
The first area that I tackled when playing this game. This stage is six screens long, however it's not really all that straightforward. You must first head to the right and collect an orb. Once you get it, different-colored spikes appear on each of the screens. No big deal, until you backtrack and head to the left to collect another orb. Once you collect this one, you now have the ability to press a button to flip which colored spikes you are able to collide with. The utilization of the gimmick made a lot of the needle interesting, however there was one save of corridor needle that gave me a really hard time compared to the rest of stage. Very good.

Иyinmir Stage: Difficulty 65/100
This stage contained the most variety out of the others. The game says this area is five screens long, but it's a little misleading. I would describe it as having five different segments. The first, you need to drop down into the lower room, where you suddenly become the big kid. Your hitbox is bigger, but you seem to move at the same speed. After climbing back up to the top screen, you reach the warp to head to the next area. The next area has weird diagonal blocks and platforms that you have to maneuver on. However, when you walk to the screen to the right there's a surprise short avoidance before you are allowed to move on. I don't remember which comes next, however I think it was kind of like an avoidance but not really. You have to dodge stuff while a song plays while doing needle to reach the end. Next up is the fourth segment, where all of a sudden you can't see where you are aside from a subtle orb of light around where the kid is supposed to be. Pretty neat, but I found some of the 16 pixels kind of mean. Last of all, is a single room of needle that is in the dark where you must hit triggers that unlock the way to the end.

AHS1222 Stage: Difficulty 85/100
Dear lord. This is by far the most difficult of the regular stages by a large margin. It's like the Gafro area in having four one save screens, except it's brutally difficult. Over half of my playtime and deaths come exclusively from this area, and it was the first time where I had to sit down to figure out some science in JTool. I wouldn't say the most detracting thing from this area was the platforming itself, as both the background and tile set were. The blocks and spikes are a bright blue on a bright background, which is searing to the eyes. Perhaps the worst part about this is the outline of the spikes being white. Because of this, it became very difficult to judge exactly where the edges of spikes were on the fly, and made some jumps look easier than they actually were. For example, there is a jump around the bottom left of the third screen that LOOKS like a decently open jump, but it turns out to be a 16 pixel. As for the screens themselves, the first and last ones weren't too bad. The second and third ones were the major time sink, as they were both long and had many challenging jumps. I don't mind the second screen too much, however I didn't enjoy the early downward diagonal spam at the beginning of the third. Certainly my least favorite stage, but not purely because of its difficulty. If you die to the last jump, don't worry... I died to the last jump on screen three.

Soap Stage: Difficulty 75/100
My favorite stage. This stage contains five screens of trigger needle that focus primarily on backtracking to hit triggers that open up after others are touched. The difficulty progression felt good, the first two screens did a good job at easing me into the style of needle. Towards the final three screens the difficulty picked up a little bit, of which two being one-save screens, and another having two short and one long save. Very fun area.

Medley Stage: Difficulty 75/100
A single, long, downwards tower of line needle that mixed in some unique platforming and art. The main draw of this stage, for me at least, was simply how the stage looked as I'm not too keen on line needle. Medley did a pretty nice job at creating images with the lines; it was pretty cool to look at. On the topic of platforming, a lot of it felt pretty claustrophobic, and there's another brief avoidance at the end.

All in all, this game was unlike a lot I have played beforehand. I don't think its 85 difficulty price tag is truly representative of everything in this game; I would say it is only accurate for the AHS1222 area. As a result, I would say the rest of the stages are feasibly possible for players who can clear 70-75 difficulty needle. I would strongly recommend this game if you're looking for a fun needle collab filled with variety.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 85 85
Apr 13, 2021