I wanna stop crying myself to sleep

Creator: Chyeri

Average Rating
8.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
82.2 / 100
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Needle (11) Gimmick (4) Long (3) Trigger (2) Masterpiece (3)


  • by Chyeri
  • by NightShark115
  • by Chyeri
  • by Chyeri

25 Reviews:

Honestly this is the worst Chyeri's needle.
His other works is much better.
Most of the stages are very interesting.
9/10 evaluation.
But stage3 completely ruined this game.
I stopped playing one time because of this boring gimmick.
Gimmick in stage3 is very bad and I spent half of my clear time.
Line of thinking in recent needle goes to bad way.
I wrote this review to hope no more gimmick needle such a very boring stuff.
It's definitely not needle.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 75 75
Apr 19, 2020
Edit March 7th 2022. Knowing what I know now, I’m just kind of disappointed. This game has influenced me as a designer so much. Pretty much no game has influenced my needle style as much as this game has. I don’t fully believe in death of the author, but I also don’t get to choose the art that affects me. I’m leaving this review up as a time capsule. I hope to outshine what this game did and make something better.

Edit: This review was written on December 29th, 2020. I don't know why it says April 19th

First thing to start off with, normally I rate stuff by increments of 5, but I feel that as you get above 80, increments of 5 become harder to justify, so therefore my rating of 88.

This game is my new favorite fangame. I absolutely love everything about it. The platforming is consistently satisfying and never missed a single beat. Every single save was something that I loved and found utter satisfaction to pull off, and the game was consistently getting better as it went along.

I feel that the biggest turnoff for people that play this game will be the difficulty. This game starts out hard and only gets harder. The difficulty curve itself is very fucking good, and there weren't any noticeable spikes in difficulty either. As the game gets harder, it gets better too.

Stage 1 is a tower descent with mostly standard needle. I want to point out how hard it is to create needle focused on descending and how few games not only even attempt it, but how few execute it well. This stage, though not really doing anything new, does what it wants to very well.

Stage 2 is a trigger based stage with a majority of triggers being easy to read and predict, though most of the learny triggers are at the start of the save. It consistently forces maneuvers that involve a lot of inputs in a relatively short amount of time, but doesn't hurt to execute, demonstrating Chyeri's mastery of triggers.

Stage 3 is apparently game ruining????????? Idk I thought it was amazing. Stage 3 is the most gimmicky stage in the game with refreshers that are attached to walls that you have to touch and a sort of momentum water. The game is now really difficult at this point, but the difficulty of platforming itself is largely consistent. You might struggle with learning the gimmick so if you've already too ungodly good this stage might trip you up. As for me, this is the hardest fangame I've beat so it felt like a very natural progression.

Stage 4 focuses on a mix between gravity flippers and catharsis water. The best way I can describe this stage is it feels very momentum focused, without actually using momentum at all. The jumps here are very flowy and have long sequences of jumps without resting, and pulling them off gives me a tingly feeling inside.

Stage 5 is another relatively straight-forward stage, but it mirrors stage 1 where instead of descending downwards, you move upwards towards the top. The difficulty here is ridiculous but its quite possibly the most fun needle I've ever played.

I went through that portion of the review without talking about how it really made me feel. When the game came out, Zero's review honestly upset me a lot, and the most liked review of the game, by inferno, is just a response to zero not liking something. I won't pretend like I like zero's review. In fact I obviously disagree with it. What sucks is that discussion about this game wasn't about the game, it was about how the community sees gimmick needle. I never saw people talk about this game because its an amazing game. This game is amazing.

This game has made me feel a way I've never felt about a fangame before. I'll admit, I used to think of Chyeri games and titles as a bit pretentious. I mean just read the title of this game. I kinda rolled my eyes intially. But with 2020, and everything that's happened, with me losing people close to me, me burning bridges with people I've known for a long time, and everything else, this game came at me at a time when I needed it.

The atmosphere of the game is done very well, but stage 5 hit me much differently. When I played it, I was in a small voice chat with a couple of friends, who I made through FSR. We talked pretty deeply with each other, but the song with the background effects made me think. As my friends left the call and I was left to my own devices, I became gradually more emotional, until I started to get choked up. Before I knew it, I was, well, crying. I don't cry very much. I haven't been able to cry for years. The only things that can make me cry are special works of fiction. This game became important to me, but it doesn't have a gripping story, or memorable characters, or anything. It's just a fangame that made me feel a special way as I grinded it. So I guess, thank you Chyeri. I can only hope to make something like what you've made. Thank you for making this game and thank you for allowing me to finish 2020 on a somewhat positive note. I'm trying my best not to cry again as I'm writing this, this game just made me feel so special.

if you can dedicate yourself to playing this game despite the high difficulty, you'll find a special needle game that very few people can match. I absolutely recommend that you play this game.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 88 88
Apr 19, 2020
On the day that my mom passed away, I knew that it was coming. The night before carried a peculiar air which I hope to never live through again, one of unexplainable fear and seemingly-illogical worry. Our dog, Belle, seemed to know it was coming, though, being especially worrisome to my mother, who was at the time sick with what we assumed to just be the flu or something. Maybe it was the flu, or maybe it was something worse, either way, it was enough to kill her.

My father woke me up telling me that she had been taken off in an ambulance and apparently he wasn't allowed to ride with them. I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep, so I wanted to just close my eyes again and sleep once more, but that was obviously not an option despite how badly I wanted it to be. We were driven to the hospital by one of my brother's friends, walked into the place and was directed into some small room, and soon the doctor came in and told us bluntly that she was dead. So, I walked out of the room, leaving behind my aunt crying into my father's arms, then went outside to call my best friend. I had to call her several times before she woke up as it was rather early in the morning, and before I could say what had happened, I broke down into tears without being able to tell her that my mother was dead.

I knew that she was going to die, but I was too afraid to say anything. It was obvious she was unwell, but I felt naïve, believing that I was blowing what was just a passing sickness way out of proportion. I was foolishly afraid of the moderate embarrassment of being wrong rather than just getting over such a silly fear and forcing my father to take her to the hospital. Because of this, I feel that I am in some way responsible for her death. That's not really true, of course, but that doesn't take away the guilt I will feel for the rest of my life.

Grief remains for all time, mortal wounds such as the death of a loved one will never wash away, and I will for the rest of my life regret the night that I was afraid of being wrong about my mother's death.

It's been a little over a year since she died, but what healing is there to show for it? I tried to give off a sense of strength outwardly, but it is simply not there in all reality. I have put my life on hold for a year because I do not have the will to move on, whether it's because I refuse to move on without her or because I am simply too worn out from this massive blow to my life, I do not really know. Perhaps my life will be no different a year from now, or maybe I'll stay this way until the day I die, feeling like static, unable to return to who I was before.

And should I not be okay now? Perhaps not okay, but shouldn't I be better than I was before? A year may not be significant in the grand scheme of things, but in my own life, a year is a few minutes in the few hours of this world that I have, and they are wasted away wallowing and allowing my self to stagnate, to wither and fade away, ruining the life that my mother sought so desperately to let flourish.

I wish that I could be better, that I could move past this and start the clock yet again. I have only so much time to live, and I want only to live in the time that I have, but grief freezes a life, and I do not have it in me to challenge something so monumental as grief.

All these thoughts and musings go through my head often. They are the whisperings of a part of myself which holds too much control over my life. Because you know what? Who gives a God damn that I've let a year go by with almost nothing to show for it? What part of life has made it such that I feel like I have spent too long mourning with nothing to show for it, too long crying without any end in sight? It is okay to cry, and it is okay to grieve. There is no limit to how long we may spend moaning about our hurts because that is the very way that we move past them.

I Wanna Stop Crying Myself to Sleep is a game which recognizes this one fact and tells us at every moment which pain seeps in that it is ok to cry, that this shall pass and that we are allowed to hurt. From beginning to end, Chyeri's masterpiece lulls us to sleep and allows our tears to dry happily on our cheeks, having been heard and allowed to flow - and what a more perfect time for this game to release, so early into what many would call one of the worst years of their lives? I know that I have seen none worse than this.

Everything falls into place in Crying, every aspect of it comes together to create this therapeutic image, from the plunge into sleep in the first stage, with the peaceful and meditative music playing in the background as the moonlight guides your way through the effortlessly perfect level, to the rousing lullaby that plays you off to the end in one of the most beautiful moments I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I need not comment further on the astonishing quality of gameplay as it is a well known fact, as it should be, but it is necessary to note that this is not perfect gameplay for the sake of it. Many makers create simply with the intent of making good games, and that is quite alright. Some of my favorite games have this air of "I just wanted to make something good." Crying, however, is one of the rare pieces of brilliance that steps beyond that and decides to say something with their game.

It is so easy to speak your message in a movie, song, show, or what have you. Hell, even video games don't have much difficulty in imparting their theses on life. Fangames, however, are in a bit of an odd situation. They operate on a mostly silent level, being one of the most pure examples of mechanics-driven gameplay ever. Some fangames attempt to tell a story, but most are simply a series of platforming screens that may or may not feel connected to each other. Some of these fangames, however, are able to say something without a word of dialogue, some makers are able to send a message through these silly screens covered in spikes and what have you. Chyeri was able to tell me that it is okay to cry simply through their choice of music, visuals, and the very way that they designed their needle. Despite how difficult this game is, I rarely felt angry or like I was stuck on anything. In fact, in nearly every case, I was happy to be stuck on a save because Crying's gameplay is like sweet words of encouragement which puts my soul at rest - at least, for the time being. Obviously I will hurt in the future, perhaps more so than I do now, but it is okay. Let your pain gnaw away at your soul, let yourself suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and be, because you will never move past your grief without letting yourself feel it.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 85 85
Feb 18, 2021
Banger game, lots of cool movements and creative use of gimmicks. My only complaints are the high amount of 16pxs, and there's a few triggers that p much forced you to die to them at least once.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 82 82
Apr 22, 2020
This game is fantastic except for one save that is way over the top in terms of difficulty in my opinion.
Definitely recommended.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 88 88
Apr 24, 2020