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Avoidance (2)


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A very weird game with no title screen and a needle screen continued with a avoidance but without music.Not recommend.

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May 2, 2020
1st room has a single jump, then there is a "needle" room (mostly really basic and overused jump, at least it's not pure corridor needle) the room is a couple of screens large so the camera follows you once you reach the top you can enter the "Avoidance" portal.

During this fight there is no music, not even guyrock that was there the room before, the room is constantly spinning and the "fight" triggers by itself when you enter the room, at least you have enough time to save.

It also keep giving me error from time to time which would pause the game but not crash it. (fun thing, the game pauses itself when unfocused during the avoidance)

The most fun I had was when I realized you can freely resize the window and the game will stretch to fit, this + spinning room was pretty fun

Iv'e only seen up to the 2nd attack.
1st attack room spins in one direction with apple randomly falling in straight lines
2nd attack the spin reverse and you have 1st attack + start burst that originates from the top middle of the screen

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Apr 30, 2020
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Dec 5, 2021