I Wanna Hardcore

Creator: Dendy Forever

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4.8 / 10
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76.0 / 100
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  • by Nick24

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A game inspired by Bird Week, a game where you control a bird with the goal of feeding your babies, but in this game, you control the kid, feeding crystals to your baby Kamilias.

The game has 36 levels total, and after level 12, it loops back to the beginning level, but with a slight change to make it harder. After the first loop, you have to feed 3 Kamilias instead of 2, and after the 2nd loop, your nest doesn't make you invulnerable if you're in it.

The controls are very awkward, making it hard to dodge things sometimes. There are about 6 gimmicks in the game, and towards the end of each loop, the game piles them all on at once, making it very difficult. The superman obstacle flies across the screen in some levels, homing in on the player at all times, and can decide to fly up to the ceiling whenever it feels like it, making for some very cheap deaths. PDPlayer's curving cherries also feel like a little too much to dodge as well.

The game could be fun, but a couple gimmicks mixed with the awkward controls make the game hard to fully appreciate.

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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 76 76
Sep 7, 2020
Its a meme game based on a "Bird Week"

Played it for 2 hours and got to lvl 24.
It was fun until lvl 24 because its really RNG dependent.

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Tagged as: Special Meme
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Aug 28, 2020
The bird week of fangames. Literally.

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Aug 28, 2020