I Don't Wanna Dwell

Creators: YaBoiMarcAntony, Draconical

Average Rating
7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
70.6 / 100
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Needle (3) Collab (2)


  • by Dog

Creator's Comments:

YaBoiMarcAntony [Creator]
This is a needle collaboration between Draconical and I which hopefully proves to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. I dunno how hard it is overall, but it is not a very long game.

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Aug 19, 2021

9 Reviews:

I sadly can't give a high rating for this one because there were too much things that took down my enjoyement.
While I have nothing to say about stage 1, it was enjoyable even if I'm not a huge of the style (sort of thesys-dopamine shit but more refined), others are imo heavily flawed. Stage 2 is another stumble stage with always the same recycled to death visuals and music, it uses floating vines in akward ways, one save has a transition killer and some other were painful. It's not that a bad stage, kinda average, but it's honestly one of the worst stumble copy paste I have played.
It sadly got worse from stage 3. It's a stage focused on water1 and it was very uncomfortable to play, I also found visuals kinda eye bleeding and the gameplay handbreaking because of all the full jumps.
Stage 4 is sort of semi precision needle and even if it has some good ideas, some jumps were atrocious, I especially think of the very last jump of the last screen. The style also makes that stage handbreaking and since I did the game in one sitting, I started to really feel pain at the end.

While this isn't too much a bad game it lacks a lot of polish and it imo comes from the will to make a difficut game, a will that cost enjoyement in that particular case.

Edit : realized I was a bit harsh on the rating so I raised it a bit because I didn't hated it that much, it's just an accumulation of uncomfortable things that led to frustration.

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Rating: 5.4 54       Difficulty: 73 73
Aug 25, 2021
I've never written a delfruit review so I don't really know how to format this, but here goes:

Dwell is a fun needle game made by two friends of mine in the community, so I was looking forward to playing it. I had tested 2 screens before the game came out and they were pretty fun, so I had high expectations going into it, which by the end of the game, were met.

Stage 1 is a darker stage with a lot of vine and platform gameplay. Although a couple jumps can be a bit janky, this stage is all around really fun to play, and has really good save balancing.

Stage 2 is a stumble-like stage, a bit easier than the original, but more fun to play from my experience, although I found it a bit easier than the first stage. The jumps felt very like the game the stage was based off of, felt really fun to execute, and apart from one off-screen vine grab which was pretty hard to gauge.

Stage 3 is a stage with a lot of kill block and water gameplay - which to me felt like the hardest stage, but was still enjoyable. The needle was mostly water and kill-block based. A couple jumps felt slightly confusing due to the killblocks being mistakable for normal blocks, but I don't really know how much of an issue this was for other people. Overall, though, I genuinely thought the stage was really well made.

Stage 4 was inspired off of a stage in Kermit 2, and is comprised of four short screens with precise water and platform gameplay. After stage 3, where the screens were a bit long and full-fledged, this was a sort of relaxing experience.

Overall, I thought this was a really good game. I would recommend this game to anyone who has some experience with needle, as it was really fun but also pretty challenging.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 22, 2021
Wasn't a big fan of the last stage. Liked the usage of water 1 in the previous stage though.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 21, 2021
its good

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 71 71
Aug 20, 2021
Big fan of this game, all stages are equally unique and enjoyable, even if I think some stages are better than others, I still really appreciate how unique the stages feel from each other, giving this game a very nice and diverse feel to it

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 20, 2021