I Wanna Goodbye The Destruction State

Creator: Measureless_Sinchi

Average Rating
5.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
97.0 / 100
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Avoidance (3) Barrage (1) domu_game (1) Nasrano-like (1)


  • by NightShark115

Creator's Comments:

Measureless_Sinchi [Creator]
No more goodbye work(Maybe.Never says never.I will do it when I wanna).
Goodbye mayumushi and happy are just jokes(for chats in a ytp ao's stream one day).They won't exist.
Well,how to put it.
I saw the entrance at first.It has lots of same crazy circle.So I made it move more. Then I found superfish.The final is too insane tbh.So it moves as well but with not too strong end.
And I presume you're feeling confused about why 'The Gay' appear.
It and fish have same music.lol
Finally, why did this evil be born.Because I saw ao san beat it easily so that I think it may be more challenging.
Turns out I make a mess.But ao still never gave up.
I dont wanna see him being tortured and I nerfed it heavily in 1.04.(I felt awful before 1.04 and idk it return after my recover.Now it's back to 1.03)
Trilogy are just for fun.
Something like that.
Thank you if you played goodbye works or you watched this.
And last.If I care points, why do I make these?www
Sorry if u r angry.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 18, 2022

8 Reviews:

harder than original and really bad balance

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 97 97
Nov 29, 2022
The original DS was very fast-paced and its barrage design can make you feel powerful,which is the best thing it did.
Then this remake replaces them with dull and weak stuff.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 25, 2022
This is just like normal ds but specimen version

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 25, 2022
this is a heater ngl

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 97 97
Nov 25, 2022
Tagged as: domu_game Nasrano-like
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Aug 16, 2023