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  • by OccultCube

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OccultCube [Creator]
2022/12/25) Changed some horrible jumps and fixed some (rare) surface bugs. Redownload.
Moderately hard needle game focusing on jtool gimmicks, flow movements and some setup jumps. Mostly satisfied with this game, although I see some people find this game not fun for various reasons. At least I consider this as my best game, excluding collabs.
‘I wanna tuck you into bed and hold your hand until you fall asleep’ inspired me to make this game, and style is remotely similar, yet not losing my own style. This game is made with a more standard engine instead of renex engine which is hated by many pure needle players. This shows what players I had in mind while making it.
There are some rooms using gravity arrows heavily in the later part of it. I’m aware that it can be a hit or miss, but I like these kinds of needles and I believe one should make what they like in fangames.
Thank you BloggerOP for testing the game. It was very helpful.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 74 74
Dec 22, 2022

2 Reviews:

Tester here.

This game consists of 9 needle stages, 3 maps each, and it's mainly focused on things like waters, platforms and vines. I had a lot of fun while testing this, personally later parts were just amazing, some of them have very clever path design. I also tried my best to balance this game and remove some awkward jumps. (First map is the easiest.) I hope you enjoy this game!

As a player's perspective, my rating would be 8.5.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 74 74
Dec 22, 2022